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Granite tile

Granite tile

Granite has been extensively used as a dimension stone and as flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings and monuments. Engineers have traditionally used polished granite surface plates to establish a plane of reference, since they are relatively impervious and inflexible.

Imperial Roman granite was quarried mainly in Egypt, and also in Turkey, and on the islands of Elba and Giglio. Granite became "an integral part of the Roman language of monumental architecture". Granite in quarries was "far softer and easier to work than after it has lain exposed" while ancient columns, because of their "hardness and solidity have nothing to fear from fire or sword, and time itself, that drives everything to ruin, not only has not destroyed them but has not even altered their colour."

What is Granite?

A commonly used word "granite" comes from the original Latin word granum which compares a grain in response to a coarse-grained complete crystalline rock. Granite stone is a massive, hard, and tough rock which was formed from the slow cooling process and solidification of molten material under heavy pressure which takes place deep beneath the earth’s surface over millions of years. As magma is liquid, the comprised minerals will harden in an irregular patterns and ultimately forming a harder rock.

After that, the overlying rocks are removed from its surface which gives the ultimate granite look. Granite is a unique and elegant natural stone with hundreds of colors and patterns that is very popular because of its strength and durability as it considered as a strongest, hardest and also oldest item available on the market. Granite stone is resistant to abrasion, and it could tolerate significant weights on them, they are also inert enough which helps them to resist to weathering and also different finished are practical on them.

Granite is formed from large enough grains which are visible with the unaided eye and also as it is dominantly found on the ground’s surface it is recognized by many people as soon as they face them. In today’s life most of the time, granite stone is considered as one of the primary choices among all those who want to create luxury homes and offices since it provides a lifetime beauty, elegance and performance. Granite stone comes in pink, black, white and brown colors.

Natural Granite stone

Natural granite is a volcanic rock that is formed by magma under the dense pressure below the surface of the Earth. The crystal fractionation of magma has made these tough stones with the granules in random order.

As a natural stone granites are made up of minerals like mica and amphiboles and they forms only in nature. Natural granite stone is primarily quarried as blocks from the ground and then cut into slabs and then turn into the desired finishes. The body and texture of this natural rock is hard and tough, that is why it is considered as one of the most extensively used building material in the history of humans.

This elegant stone has always been one of the most favorable choices in a wide range of usages from flooring tiles to window sills that are used in homes, commercial buildings and stylish offices. Granite natural stones are considered as primary choices for covering surfaces in counters, benches and shelves too.

Natural granite stone also turns into products which are considered as a smart choices to the conventional pavers like brick and limestone  or concrete pavers as it brings sense of uniqueness to your driveways or walkways and also will last intact for a lifetime. These natural granite products are hard-wearing for homeowners for interior or exterior usage as they offer a high-end finish in different styles. Also they are on the market in exfoliated finish which is an ideal choice for any dreamy design.

Granite uses

As a volcanic rock which was made by extreme heat and pressure, granite is considered as one of the world’s toughest materials and because of that since Egyptians Granite stone has been used in interior and exterior applications as construction and architectural materials.

Its high durability and aesthetical properties is the reason why granite can be cut as slabs of any specific length, thickness and width. Not only it is a widely-used material in counterparts and backsplashes in interior applications, but also its resistance to weathering and its corrosion-proof structure have made it a common choice for exterior application among customers.  Polished granite like polished natural limestone paving, is a smart and glamorous idea for flooring, pathways, claddings, kitchen counterparts and also bathrooms tiles. As a flooring material polished granite would give a stunning natural look and based on the subtle patterning that it offers it would be a perfect complement for any luxury design. Whenever they are used individually, the users would make sure to have a patterned floor which does not wear out.

Granite is considered as a weather-resistant and tough natural stone. That is why they are considered as ideal options for paving. Granite paving slabs come in versatile looks and individuals from different parts of the world are surprised by the number of shades that that are available on the market.

In the past people also used to take the benefit of them as claddings or building blocks and they have been used as building material in important buildings religious buildings. Still there are used as construction materials in some cases.

Granite tiles in thinner thicknesses also make them a versatile option for bathrooms tiles, as they are water proof and stain-resistant to handle the dirt and damp there.

Granite Types

Granites are versatile products that are available in different types and colors. Santa Cecilia granite is one of the most commonly used stone and its name comes from patron saint of music, Saint Cecilia. Cecilia granite is filled with tannish feldspar, quartz, and dark biotite. Santa Cecilia is mostly quarried in sao paolo, Brazil.

Uba tuba granite with shimmering speckles of Uba tuba granite is a perfect piece for indoor and outdoor applications like bath tiles and kitchen counterparts. It is finely-textured and is filled with black, gold, gray and green speckles. Uba tuba granite are mined in Brazil and because the abundance of mica it comes in dark colors. Kashmir White granite is very useful to use as Kitchen Countertops, Bench tops , Works Tops and Flooring. It is primarily composed of white feldspar and quartz, with distinctive red garnet crystals.

This rock is considered as metamorphic rock and not igneous one.
Venetian Gold granite is a stone with a ground composed mainly of medium to coarse-grain yellow crystals which occasionally appear in a light brown tone. Venetian Gold granite is mixture of tan and white feldspar and quartz minerals with amphibole, mica, and garnets to add dark black and red coloring . Venetian gold granite quarried from Espirito Santo, Brazil.
Tan Brown granite which is also known as Indian brown granite gives a unique blend of white and grey color. The word tan refers to a variation of feldspar, with trace amounts of potassium. This stone is quarried from India.
Baltic Brown granite, Black Pearl granite, Bianco Antico granite, Black Galaxy granite are also some kind of favorite items on the market that are popular among people all around the world.

 Granite colors  

White, black, pink, red and blue are some of the most frequent granite colors that are made up of different minerals and under different cooling conditions.

  • White Granite

White granite is mostly used in interior and exterior walls, living room walls and also bathrooms walls. The presence of quartz (milky white) and feldspar (opaque white) are the primary factor of white color in granite.

Also amphibole grains are the reason why small black specks appears on its surface. Chemical components and also cooling process have key roles on amphibole grain formation so they highly affect how granites are looking. It is also worth to mention that granite never comes in white totally and the available ones are man-made options which are created from quartz counterparts.

  • Black Granite

The intense black color is a luxury choice for counterparts and also facades. All granites at least are made up of 20% of quartz and as quartz come in white, Black granites are not 100 percent granites. By the way, black granites are favorite options which are frequently used as commercial rocks. Black granites are considered to be gabbro, which is primarily composed of mineral materials like pyroxene and amphibole.

  • Pink Granite

Pink granite is an exceptional choice for fountains, pool, monuments and exterior-interior walls. The abundance of Potassium feldspar is why granites come in pink color. Milky quartz, dark amphibole and also white feldspar are also part of them. Pink Granite is considered as one of the most common types of granite is widely seen in granite counterparts. Red Granite has adapted well in industrious, commercial and also residential purposes.

It is also formed fundamentally like pink granite but k-feldspar come in a redder tan pink color. Also hematite grains would contain iron oxide that comes in red color.

  • Blue Granite

Blue Granite is commonly used for kitchen counterparts. This is actually Larvikite and not granite and is found on different counterparts. Also Anorthosite is available in nature which is used as Blue granite.

Silver granite

Silver granite flamed pavers are highly recommend by granite suppliers as numerous designers tend to use them on their projects. Silver Grey granite is guaranteed to give your outdoor space a contemporary and timeless appearance.

These paving slabs suit any modern or minimal design and the durability and hard-wearing properties of granite will ensure that your garden or patio stays looking its best through the year. The lightly flamed surface texture of each granite paver helps the stone to retain its non-slip properties underfoot, even when wet.

Silver granite flamed pavers have a unique color with flaming texture on them. They also take the benefit of natural black and white dots from the minerals which are blended beautifully through them and it makes them even a more appealing item on the market, and the nature of natural stone itself gives more tones and versatile patterns to the granite too.

The flamed surface is achieved by heating the surface of the slabs, causing some of the crystals within the stone to shatter, leaving a textured surface, ideal for classy exterior paving such as limestone paving. And silver granite flamed pavers are well-known for being robust yet stunning, they are ideal for use on patios, paths and around pools in any domestic or commercial project.

Varna Granite

In today’s life most of the time, granite stone is considered as one of the primary choices among all those who want to create luxury homes and offices since it provides a lifetime beauty, elegance and performance.

Varna Flamed Granite Tile has beautiful and unusual texture that comes in silver grey appearance. They are used as outdoor tiles in any external areas where non-slippery surfaces are aims. It offers a stylish and luxury sense which has made them a perfect choice all around the world.

Granite for homes

As granite stones are flecked and sparkling in look they are considered as ideal materials for decoration and also building materials. Architects and designers are totally captivated by granite’s characteristic and appearance and they tend to install granite for both interior and exterior uses for homes in most of their projects. Meanwhile, you have plenty of choices in rustic appearances and non-porous finishes in order to revaluing the properties of your houses by considering granites in your designs.

Among all choices that are available for kitchen counterparts, granite hits the chart for homeowners in most cases. That is why the surface finishes like tumbled limestone paving provide a wide variety of aesthetic looks.

The colors, textures and schemes create stylish designs. Elegant and sophisticated, granite brings lightness and brilliance your kitchen. Marble and granite are commonly used stones for a staircase.

For homes with marble flowing, the marble staircase is a preferred choice and obvious choice. Stone is a better option for stairs in entryway or garden area.
It is also the top natural stone choice for homeowners when it comes to backsplashes, and vanity tops. That is why this stone offers environmentally attributes including an enduring life-cycle, durability, ease of care and recyclability.

Granite is also Water, stain, and scratch resistant and that is what makes them a perfect choice for interior walls. Granite is considered a great investment for home because of its versatility. This gives your house a kind of elegance no other house can offer. Based on their formation all granite slabs can be transformed in small formats in way that makes them quicker and easier to install which makes them even a smarter choice for homeowners.

Granite stone pavers

Granite stone pavers are considered as a smart choice to the conventional pavers like brick or concrete pavers that can bring the sense of uniqueness to your driveways or walkways and also will last intact for a lifetime.

They are hard-wearing tiles for those who are keen on classic designs for interior or exterior usage as they offer a high-end finish in different styles. Granite pavers are which is dominantly used by architects and suggested by the granite suppliers, it is a dense product with exfoliated finish that can be ideal choice for any desired use.

Granite is a type of natural stone and that is why it varies in composition and color, as this product is composed of different minerals it causes a variety of tones to be present, from black, grey, rose to yellow which makes it a glamorous choice for paving. Granite stones are often polished to achieve a smooth surface, or for a more natural, rustic and unique texture.

While Charming granite setts and cobbles aim to provide a more traditional appeal, hence are the first choice for old-fashioned homes, there are numerous brilliant items available on the market which are spectacular options for luxury and modern buildings. Granite paving Slabs are usually square or rectangle-shaped and may vary in size, however, can be cut down to create unique paving designs.
Here you can find a wide range of granite paving styles from paving slabs and flags to setts & cobbles which are aimed to give uniqueness to your desired area.

Granite price

If you want a countertop that is truly visually striking, slab granite is an excellent choice and when you have your heart set on using granite in your homes or offices. The cost of the specific type of granite you choose can vary based on a number of factors. Granite stone is definitely at the upper end of the price range for kitchen counterparts, backsplashes and paving that is why the idea of their cost is pretty important. Different factors have intense impact on final price of granite slabs.

Also as a natural stone granite slabs are scratch-resistant and this quality is important because as scratches appear in the glossy surface of a uniformly colored benchtop, they are very apparent. Within granite countertops, the size of the pieces will affect their price.

Larger pieces will be more costly not only because they must be cut from a larger slab but also because the large pieces are more uniform in color and they would give a more unique and glamorous sense to the area. The qualities including grading of material, their size, their color and hues have direct impact on their price too, and the relative rarer items are more expensive items.

As it comes to color, the absolute black granite which is almost completely black is one of the most expensive natural stones available on the market.

Granite cost

Granite is a natural stone and it is formed from various minerals under different conditions that is why there are great variances of them which are different in color, veining, and pattern. Obviously, the cost of granite is highly dependent on style of it and how desirable it is. The cost of a granite countertop will, of course, depend on the size of your surface area. In addition to the size, the cost will also depend on the thickness of the prepared slab.

Thicker granite costs more as they are considered to be stronger and as it provides more material to work on them. The other factor that affects granite’s price is how rare they are and what color they have. Rare granites are prices more as more common types are less expensive.

It is also believed that tan and black granite slabs are the least expensive items and white granite is the most expensive one, and still black and white colored granites are the two most popular choices in the market. Different grades of granite also may indicate its strength and composition, and some treated with advanced products to make them less susceptible to being stained for different usages. So, the better the quality of the granite, the higher the cost will be. Expensive granite prices can go over $100 per square-foot just for granite itself.

Flamed Granite

Granite comes in different surfaces, a honed finish refers to any level that is less than polished and therefore encompasses many levels of dullness. Flamed granite forms when granite stones are exposed to high temperatures. This phenomenon causes the surface to burst and become rough. Typically, the rougher, flamed texture of granite is more suitable for areas where grip is essential. Flamed granite can function exceptionally well in almost any room of your home. It’s even suitable for use as a shower floor or in other high-moisture areas where some natural stone options are not recommended for installation. Plus, the timeless beauty and long-lasting qualities of granite have led to its continual choice as a natural stone in homes design, particularly around swimming pools. Many ancient monuments and buildings are made from granite are still standing today.

Flamed Granite Paving

Flamed granite paving is a hard-wearing tile for those who are keen on classic designs for interior or exterior usage as they offer a high-end finish in different styles. This spectacular product offers a modern, sophisticated look to any space. Flamed Granite Paving is a hard-wearing natural stone featuring a non-slip and scratch-resistant surface and all these merits offer a surface which could be usable through the rainy seasons.

A textured top surface and a choice Of two sizes and three contemporary colors offer tremendous freedom of design ideas to designers. In case you are looking for a high-end finish paving while you benefit its durability and also flamed surface flamed granite paving is the best choice to go for.

Flamed Finished Granite

Among all natural stones, granites are the only natural stones that offer a flamed finish and that is because of the fact that they can be heated up to high temperatures. That is why finish stones are options flamed.

This natural flamed stone is mostly used in outdoor kitchens and it doesn’t consider a popular item for indoor counterparts. During the flaming process granite is exposed to extreme temperatures and this heating ultimately results in bursting of grains and finally changing their colors. The final product offers a rougher surface with a faded appearance and the mostly used counterparts are often in muted colors.

Flamed Granite Flooring

Granite is a natural glamorous material that are both durable and gloss and based on the hard-wearing that it has is considered as one of the oldest stone as a strong flooring material. From white granites which give a uniform and ideal sense to the flooring to the yellow ones which give a bright look to indoor floorings they are widely-used by customers.

They can be installed in offices, homes parking, and swimming pools with different types of finishing over it as granite flooring gives your space a magnificent grandeur them. The important factor which should be noticed for granite flooring is that they must have less variation in patterns to result in a more stunning flooring and more variation in the pattern makes the flooring very ugly.

Flamed Granite Tile For Sale

Flamed finish granite tile is a very dense product that has been torched with a flame to cause an exfoliated finish which is also known as Flamed finish granite. This durable, natural tile flooring is ideal for areas where slip resistance might be a concern, including walkways, kitchens, and bath and backsplashes. So to ensure the reasonable price of a flamed granite tiles, you should be familiar with the factors that determine its price. The price of flamed granite tile is highly dependent of the type of granite which they are made of, their color and the place where they have been quarried from.

In Fact ;

Granite is a common and durable building material. This coarse-grained stone is naturally made up of hard igneous rocks which consists of mica, quartz, microcline and   also orthoclase. In today’s life most of the time, granite stone is considered as one of the primary choices among all those who want to create luxury homes and offices since it provides a lifetime beauty, elegance and performance.

 Granite stone comes in pink, black, white and brown colors and based on its versatile finishes, granite is commonly used in kitchen, bathroom and many other spaces. Granite tiles are also considered as primary choices as covering and building materials which are frequently used in counters, benches and shelves.

Granite stone pavers are considered as a smart choice to the conventional pavers like brick or concrete pavers that can bring the sense of uniqueness to your driveways or walkways and also will last intact for a lifetime.

Flamed granite paving is also a hard-wearing tile for those who are keen on classic designs for interior or exterior usage as they offer a high-end finish in different styles. Varna Flamed granite tiles are rough in texture featuring scratch-resistant and non-slip surface throughout the year.

 Silver granite flamed pavers are also suggested by the granite suppliers, it is a dense product with exfoliated finish that can be ideal choice for any desired use. For all who are thinking of non-slip surface for their driveway surface a bush hammered granite paver because of its versatility and practicality would be an affordable option.

Check Out Our Range of Cheap Granite Pavers

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by installing cheap granite pavers. Over the years, granite has been used as a form of décor, more especially as flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings and monuments. Its durability is one of the reasons for its increased use as it can withstand several elements. You can buy granite pavers at Hunter Pavers at an affordable rate and give your home a sophisticated appearance.

The Benefits of Cheap Granite Tiles

Granite is a hard rock found in all parts of the globe. Aside from its durability, it comes in various natural colours which make it the perfect fit for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor tiles, to name a few. You would have noticed that residential developers use granite primarily for kitchen countertops; however, granite tiles are generally reserved for sophisticated projects. Hence, if you’re in the process of renovating your space, consider granite tiles in Sydney, to stand out and enjoy its benefits.

  • The appearance of granite depends on where in the world it’s mined. The best feature about this stone is that the earth shapes it over hundreds of years. Essentially, no two pieces of granite are the same, which makes your selection unique to your home. If you’ve installed a darker shade of granite for your kitchen counters, perhaps looking at the light shades for your flooring would complement the appearance. Pink shades of granite are prevalent near Brazil with green granite sourced from Canada or Ireland. With the number of options available, you’re able to get creative with granite tiles.

  • One of the reasons granite works so well for kitchen countertops is the fact that it’s durable and resistant to stains. Placing hot items on granite won’t affect it neither will it stain, provided you seal it properly. You don’t have to be concerned about spilling red wine or any other fluids that would usually stain a carpet. Simply using water and a mop cleans granite tiles beautifully.

  • Installing granite tiles in your home will guarantee that it lasts a long time, thus boosting the overall value of your home. Due to the low maintenance and it’s beautiful appearance, it will attract potential buyers to purchasing your property. It adds a degree of modernity which is rare in homes. Furthermore, since granite is a hypoallergenic material, children can play directly on the tiles without concern for allergic reactions. Due to its non-porous nature, liquids can’t seep through where bacteria live and spread.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Granite Pavers in Sydney

By now, you’re aware of how precious granite is to a home. Its properties have helped develop it into the preferred material for the majority of homeowners. However, you want to ensure your investment is sound and provides you with a decent return. The only way to guarantee the condition of your granite flooring for years to come is to take extra care.

  • When you buy granite tiles online, you install it and then must perform a test to determine if it requires sealing. Perform the water test by dropping a little onto the granite surface. If the water pools on the tile, that is a sign of a proper seal. However, should the water be absorbed by the tile, it requires sealing. Following this procedure on an annual basis ensures your granite tiles maintain their durability and appearance for years.

  • Acidic substances such as fruit juices and soft drinks will etch other surfaces such as marble but not granite. To maintain the material’s resistance to stains, it requires dedication to spot cleaning. If there are spills, even though the granite can handle it, you should clean it up immediately to reduce the effect it could have on the material.

  • Cleaning granite tiles is simple as also cleaning limestone pavers does, but there are products on the market specifically manufactured to take care of this type of stone. There’s no issue with using a soft cloth and warm water, but the specially formulated sprays maintain the effectiveness of the sealant. Avoid cleaning tiles with dish-soap as it may cause a build-up. From a family point of view, you should develop good habits to take care of your new flooring such as dry mopping regularly and using doormats to avoid dirt and grime accumulating under the tiles.

Why Trust Hunter Pavers Regarding Granite Tiles Online

We are currently one of Australia’s largest importers of natural stone from around the world. We still support local manufacturers and provide high-quality products at an affordable price. With our online store, you can buy granite tiles from wherever you are and get your package shipped directly to you.

If you prefer physically shopping for pavers, blocks and retaining walls, you can visit our factory outlet in New South Wales and save on shipping costs. Whatever your next project is, contact us for assistance with several types of stone materials.

Silver Granite Flamed Vein Cut Paver 400x400x30mm
15.68 15.68 /pc /m2 98.00 AUD
Rose Granite Flamed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 600x400x30mm
35.00 35.0 /pc /m2 145.83 AUD
Raven Black Granite Flamed Paver 600x600x30mm
35.28 35.28 /pc /m2 98.00 AUD
Honey Jasper Granite Flamed Paver 600x400x30mm
23.52 23.52 /pc /m2 98.00 AUD
Honey Jasper Granite Flamed Paver 600x400x20mm
16.56 16.56 /pc /m2 69.00 AUD
Honey Jasper Granite Flamed Paver 400x400x30mm
15.68 15.68 /pc /m2 98.00 AUD
Honey Jasper Granite Flamed Paver 400x400x20mm
11.04 11.04 /pc /m2 69.00 AUD
Silver Granite Flamed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 600x400x30mm
35.00 35.0 /pc /m2 145.83 AUD
Silver Granite Flamed Vein Cut Paver 600x400x30mm
23.52 23.52 /pc /m2 98.00 AUD
Silver Granite Flamed Vein Cut Paver 400x400x20mm
11.04 11.04 /pc /m2 69.00 AUD
Sesame White Granite Flamed Paver 600x300x30mm
17.64 17.64 /pc /m2 98.00 AUD
Sesame Grey Granite Flamed Paver 200x400x30mm
5.52 5.52 /pc /m2 69.00 AUD
Sesame White Granite Flamed Paver 600x400x30mm
20.16 20.16 /pc /m2 84.00 AUD
Sesame White Granite Flamed Paver 400x400x20mm
11.04 11.04 /pc /m2 69.00 AUD

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