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The term "bluestone" in Britain is used in a loose sense to cover all of the "foreign" stones at Stonehenge. It is a "convenience" label rather than a geological term, since at least 20 different rock types are represented. One of the most common rocks in the assemblage is known as Preseli Spotted Dolerite—a chemically altered igneous rock containing spots or clusters of secondary minerals replacing plagioclase feldspar. It is a medium grained dark and heavy rock, harder than granite. Preseli bluestone tools, such as axes, have been discovered elsewhere within the British Isles. Many of them appear to have been made in or near Stonehenge, since there are petrographic similarities with some of the spotted dolerites there.

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Lava Honeycomb Basalt Honed Paver 800x400x20mm
22.75 22.75 /pc /m2 71.09 AUD
Lava Honeycomb Basalt Honed Paver 400x400x30mm
9.99 9.99 /pc /m2 62.44 AUD
Lava Honeycomb Basalt Honed Paver 400x400x20mm
8.99 8.99 /pc /m2 56.19 AUD

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