Reasons to go for granite stone

Granite stone

Granite stones are considered as appealing slabs among customers and that is because of their natural look, and ass natural stones they are environmentally safe



 There are several controversial theories in regard to the formation of granite. Based on magmatic theory, as granite is considered as plutonic rocks, which are found in abundance in all continents as part of the continental crust and they are often found at places which are associated with mountain ranges, they are believed to be originated from magma.

Blocks of granite are extracted from quarries, and then by the use of specialized cutting machines they are cut into desired sizes which are much easier to be transported to different parts of the world. Granite is endowed with all the desirable properties required to use it as a popular stone.

Uses Of Granite

For interior usage, granite is a great choice for countertops, floor tiles, stair stone and so many other purposes. It is also commonly used in building gravestones and memorials. It is also one of the most widely-used item for paving, pool surroundings and also floorings.

The crushed form of granite is used as fillings for various construction activities. More importantly, granite is commonly used in the making of roads, pavements, monuments, public buildings and bridges in the recent years and both ancient civilization and modern world bear evidence of the importance of granite for their construction needs.

Granite stone is rough, stain resistant and also heat resistant, and whenever they are sealed they would become even more durable slabs. They are hard and durable enough to resist abrasion and bear significant weight which are considerably inert in nature.

Granite is also hard and tough, that is why it is considered as one of the most extensively used building material. Granite only looks amazing if you take care of it and fortunately, caring for it is not a difficult task. For example, you’ll need to reseal it occasionally because it does wear off over a period of months. These material is also resistant to bacteria and dirt.

Granite surfaces can be simply wiped clean with warm soapy water and still for tougher jobs vinegar and water can be used on them, meanwhile, they are supposed to handle most types of cleaning products. They are seldom to be damaged, but still if anything happens to them the repair would be so simple even in case of kitchen counterparts.  

Use Granite in your home

Granite stones are considered as appealing slabs among customers and that is because of their natural look, and ass natural stones they are environmentally safe and also functional. As natural stones no two granite slabs are alike, and that is why the customer have the chance to choose what matches to his desire among an array of products from the start. Not only will you get to chance to choose from different textures, but you will get many colors to choose from.

For example black and grey granite will grab anyone’s attention and serve as a stunning focal point in your area. Granite stones are one of the primary options to create a striking aesthetic in your home or any other building. For all who are of contemporary, classic or even retro taste choosing granite stone as their choice for kitchen counterparts, paving, or bathroom will be helpful for bringing their vision to life.

Granites are considered as more expensive stones in contrast with other natural stones on the market, but there are plenty of reasons which makes them even more economical options for different purposes. For example when it comes for making a new counterpart granites are more affordable to many man-made surfaces as they can be installed on the existing ones. Their installation process is also fairly quickly and cost less than traditional countertops.

cost of granite

The final cost of granites are also based on  several factors like, where your slab is coming from, the quality of the stone, the retailer you use, and by acting smart you can also save more money. Granite stone will Increase your space value. Along with high popularity of granite stones, as long as an architect considers their usage in his design, it will increase the value of their designing and also final building.
 Even for those who are not thinking about selling the construction for the upcoming years, as this stone is timeless and will hold their values as time passes. This consideration is of great importance because of the fact the unique & appealing look which is given by granite would grab the attention of home buyer’s in the future.

Granite Stone Pavers

Granite stone pavers are also the best way to recapture the beauty of rough stone in your home. The natural beauty of granite slab offers the perfect amount of visual interest without becoming too busy and they give a smooth surface, or for a more natural, rustic and unique texture. For all who are thinking of non-slip surface for their outdoor paving, granite pavers would be considered too. They are also so versatile, for example, silver grey granite is commonly used as paving material and that is guaranteed to give your outdoor space a contemporary and timeless appearance.

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