Important reasons to use Tumbled Limestone Pavers


Tumbled limestone pavers are commonly used in different areas around the home. Whenever tumbled limestone pavers are installed in outdoor spaces, they would bring both style and a rustic look to the homes.



Based on the pressure that limestone has endured prior to its formation, limestone offers unique features that turn it into a popular choice for both designing and construction projects. Limestone could be utilized in numerous ways and it has always been an excellent choice for residential or organizational projects. Among all the products, limestone pavers are considered as premium choices by property owners to add life to the outdoor or indoor areas.

Tumbled Limestone Benefits for customers

Although there are numerous finishes of limestone including honed, polished, brushed, and tumbled, tumbled limestone pavers are considered as one of the most popular limestone finishes available in the market. Tumbled limestone pavers are of great popularity as they can add the feeling of aging and uniqueness, and they are great choices for outdoor areas consisting of terraces and patios. Interestingly, indoor areas can also take the advantage of tumbled limestone pavers to add to their value from corridors to wet areas as you are not going to worry about slip-resistance and also water absorption characteristics of the paving material.

How to create tumbled limestone pavers?

Stone manufacturers use the tumbling process to achieve a smooth, and chalky surface. However, many believe that tumbling might limit the natural beauty of limestone, and therefore it makes the sealing process a vital consideration. By the use of sealers, tumbled limestone pavers become more visually appealing, and also such procedure enhances the natural pitting in them, and therefore, makes tumbled limestone pavers spectacular. In accordance with the type of tumbling process that limestone has been experienced, tumbled limestone pavers would bring a distinctive set of characteristics consisting of a smooth, soft or worn look. Tumbled limestone pavers often have a soft face and rounded corners. In comparison with other methods to enhance the look of stone, tumbling does not affect how the stones are treated, and therefore the outer layer of the stone will be intact.

Why use tumbled limestone pavers?

Tumbled limestone pavers are commonly used in different areas around the home just as marble does. Whenever tumbled limestone pavers are installed in outdoor spaces, they would bring both style and a rustic look to the homes. Take the advantage of tumbled limestone pavers in interior applications including bathroom and living rooms also works properly to give a fantastic look. Tumbled limestone pavers are considered soft materials, and they are recommended for low-traffic areas. It is also worth mentioning that like other limestone products, tumbled limestone pavers are sustainable and renewable and are considered eco-friendly materials. In comparison with stone, they look much better, and taking the advantage of tumbled limestone pavers would definitely be a way of commendable investment. Limestone mining is amazingly simple and short and it does not involve heavy manufacturing and inevitably high pollution-making procedure.

Where to use tumbled limestone pavers?

Tumbled limestone pavers are suited properly with older properties, and when using them in combinations with modern furniture you can ensure an eye-catching look that will work properly in your area. Generally, people consider lighter-colored limestone as softer ones and vice versa. Because of that, they tend to use white-colored tumbled limestone pavers more commonly in contemporary bathrooms, and for areas where it is expected to contact heavy foot traffic darker colored items are of more preference. More importantly by the use of tumbled limestone pavers the space will bring a touch of warmth that suits the older designs. Tumbled limestone pavers are totally versatile, and in comparison with different natural stones like granite, they are considerably softer. The quality lets them be used in different areas with different dimensions. Another important factor that persuades both designers and property owners to take the advantage of tumbled limestone pavers is their cost-effectiveness.

The beauty of tumbled limestone pavers

Among all the criteria that people tend to go for a product, people gravitate more to beauty, and therefore, architects, as well as designers, prioritize aesthetics as the most important factor when using different materials. Tumbled limestone pavers are found somewhat chalky and in muted colors, and when used with special sealers the surface would become brighter along with the desire of people. Among all stones types, only the sturdy types like limestone can bear the tumbling process, and that is why tumbled limestone pavers are one of the most popular choices for property owners. During such process, a solution of acids, small pebbles, and also water, and sand are used to wear and after that soften the surface of the stone. And the aim is to get a weathered and also scuffed surface. Tumbled stones are in demand for their spectacular look and also why they do not need a special maintenance process.

The practicality of tumbled limestone pavers

Like different products which are made from limestone, tumbled limestone pavers have been around in different parts of the homes to give a long-lasting and durable surface for more convenient usage. Tumbled limestone pavers stay intact for a long time, and they also deliver a rich beauty to your properties. Limestone is an organic sedimentary rock that is rich in beauty and details, and because of that by the use of tumbled limestone pavers, you can enhance, and complement a wide range of contemporary or traditional designs. One of the most important reasons why tumbled limestone pavers are their density, as well as their color. Moreover, as limestone naturally reflects heat rather than absorbing it, it can be installed around pool areas to ensure a cool underfoot surface, and such quality is especially important in areas where they experience hot summers.

The most important features of tumbled limestone paving

Overall, it could be said that tumbled limestone pavers are ideal options for numerous iconic and glamorous areas, and today more than any other time tumbled limestone pavers are found in different applications in the interior or exterior applications. Tumbled limestone pavers would bring both beauty and practicality to an area, and based on the fact that they could be found in different colors and shapes, property owners can achieve unlimited designs. As they are essentially formed by nature, limestone pavers could also bring a sense of uniqueness which would be the reminiscence of the most amazing landscapes of the Earth. By the use of tumbled limestone pavers, individuals could also ensure a highly durable paving material that could also endure changing weather and climate.