Why choose Limestone?


This material is for black limestone paving with dense and very durable properties that can be used for interior and exterior design. We are sure that black limestone with its attractive black color will give your flooring a modern and classic look. Limestone is a sedimentary substance of chemical or biological origin mainly composed of calcium carbonate and powerfully combines with metals.

The popularity of limestone

Black limestone is a prevalent limestone with very dark charcoal black to give a modern-looking patio with straight saw edges to add a beauty factor. We give you this variety in our collection. If you are looking for a dense and durable paving solution for your garden, why not consider limestone paving? Whether you think dark, light, or colored paving, Indian paving can be ideal. Our patio lime sheets are available in various colors to complete your garden project.

Application of limestone

This material's primary and significant use is in construction work and for various purposes in this field. We will deal with multiple limestone applications as a building material in the following

Limestone structure

Limestone has a delicate texture, taking on a distinct, velvety finish when cut for paving. Dark gray, blue-gray, light gray, cream, and tan are usually the most uncomplicated colors, and limestone is more uniform than sandstone or granite. The beautiful limestone grains make it relatively easy to cut into various decorative shapes. Many homeowners choose limestone for paving because it is a natural stone that looks beautiful. However, it also creates a durable, complex, and durable surface. A wide range of our limestone paving stones has been selected, mainly because of their dense quality, ability to withstand climate change, and relative maintenance ease, with rates not always found in other limestones on the market. This paving offers a lot of versatility in color and finish.

Limestone prices

Limestone paving has something for almost every budget. The limestone complex is an affordable choice that is ideal for busy areas.

Indian limestone

Indian limestone paving has a noble and delicate natural texture. It offers high-density paints with fewer pores than other stones and a very high hardness level. The natural surface of Indian limestone provides a beautiful natural effect and anti-slip properties. Just another reason that limestone paving is a popular garden paving option. Indian sandstone is excellent for patios due to its high-quality stone and scratch-free veneer. Some natural stones are prone to cracking and discoloration, but limestone is not the case. Limestone slabs are very durable and trendy for extended patios and garden paths.

Limestone structure

Limestone is a dense material. Typically, limestone uses in a mixture of cement and mortar. When limestone is crushed, it can use to build roads. It is also commonly used in other areas where heavy work is frequently used. Although limestone has been a popular building material for thousands of years, it is still one of the most reliable paving options on the market today. The textured surface and grooved profiles of limestone paving are another reason that Indian limestone is ideal for patios. It Provides resistance underfoot. This means that when your feet are wet from the rowing pool or after heavy rain, you do not need to worry about slipping. Limestone is as dense as marble. This stone is a heavy and hard stone with a light texture surface. It also does not get too cold in the winter or too hot in the hot summer months under the bare feet. This is why Indian limestone is not only suitable for the patio but can also be a great option.