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Travertine is one of several natural stones that are used for paving patios and garden paths. It is sometimes known as travertine limestone or travertine marble; these are the same stone, although travertine is classified properly as a type of limestone, not marble.

The stone is characterised by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. Although these troughs occur naturally, they suggest signs of considerable wear and tear over time. It can also be polished to a smooth, shiny finish, and comes in a variety of colors from grey to coral-red. Travertine is most commonly available in tile sizes for floor installations.

Our Cheap Travertine Pavers Offer Variety in Complementary Finishes

Cheap travertine pavers are a preferred solution to many shopping at Hunter Pavers for diverse solutions to complement your home. Travertine is a unique kind of natural stone and a sought-after finish for patios and pathways in your garden. A multitude of small holes on the surface gives the stone its unique character, giving the impression of years of exposure to natural elements and normal wear and tear. Our range of travertine pavers in New Castle include pavers with a natural finish or a polished appeal.

Benefits of Hunter Pavers

During the past two years, we at Hunter Pavers quickly grew into a reputable name in the building industry. Our buyers travel across the globe in search of only the highest quality stone from trusted sources. Quickly we grew into one of the largest importers of natural stone, giving you the confidence of quality, choice and above all, affordability.

  • Tremendous variety and options set us apart from the competition. Our range of premium quality pavers is sought after across the continent. When you want to buy travertine pavers or any other kind of stone, you know whom to contact. Our factory outlet in NSW invites you to explore our diversity and quality ranges on offer. From here we supply and deliver your order of cheap travertine tiles to Sydney or your favourite travertine pavers in Canberra. We can even take care of your order when you buy travertine tiles online

  • From the most basic form to premium quality products, we are part of a small group of global suppliers who operate according to our successful business model. We want you to know that every delivery of cheap travertine pavers in Sydney or any cheap travertine tiles which we deliver nationwide to your site, goes through a journey towards perfection. It is a journey we guide and direct as we are responsible for the sourcing of only the best quality raw material, the production phase to processing it globally into magnificence and nationwide delivery. Because we go to the natural sources of these stones and buy from them directly, we do cut out the middle man. In conjunction with the middleman, we also eliminated many added costs which you might have to pay for otherwise. Yet, it is not only about saving unnecessary expenses but also about being present for the entire process from raw magnificence to the brilliance of final production.

  • We support our local markets. Indeed, we source many of our natural stones and magnificent raw materials from trusted sources globally. For all else, we are firm supporters of our local market. We see ourselves as committed to expanding our local Australian economy through trusted support of our local manufacturers of bricks and cladding, blocks and other installation supplies. We don’t discriminate on size, and regardless of the size of your operation, we will support you when you deliver the same kind of premium quality that we do.

When You Buy Travertine Tiles Consider This

When you visit our factory outlet or even contact us regarding any item in our online store, you will soon realise that our team is passionate about stone. We share excitement about the various kinds of stone and the numerous applications of each. We are not merely in the business of selling stone products to finish off your paving projects, but indeed we want to promote the industry. Our goal is to share our knowledge and ensure customer satisfaction. Thus, the following is are our tips when you buy travertine pavers or tiles.

  • Consider the various demands which your specific choice of paver or tile will have to fulfil. Please discuss these with our team for advice and insight into your construction needs to deliver a final product to your satisfaction. We have a wide range of various tiles and pavers such as limestone, granite, marble and more. Each of these stones is best for a specific kind of application. Each delivers its unique charming character to a set space. Some are better suited for certain areas, ambiences or even estimated traffic in hallways and lobbies. We prepare each of our quality pavers and tiles to perfection to fulfil a specific purpose in a given construction, big or small.

  • It can be challenging to envision perfection from the images in a brochure, especially for the less trained eye. Thus, request samples from your supplier to give you a much more realistic presentation of the final look and feel before committing to orders. We gladly offer free samples to help you before you buy your travertine tiles in Sydney or anywhere else nationally. We also don’t limit our free sample service merely to travertine tiles and pavers, but you can request free samples on our entire range. It is also a service which is very beneficial when you buy travertine pavers online.

  • We offer diversity not only in natural stone solutions but also our wide variety of masonry options. Our buyers source these quality items from trusted local suppliers, and we are proud supporters of boosting the Australian economy to benefit all role-players involved. Not only do we help the producers of quality masonry products to supply our clients, but sourcing locally also has numerous financial benefits which we pass on to you again. Hence, we can provide our masonry products at the same high level of affordability as our stone pavers and tiles.

About Hunter Pavers

There are several pillars in our business which reflects our commitment and which we believe are the foundation of our success within the challenging industry of construction. It’s an industry that is very much price-driven while having to deliver excellence in quality and prestige craft at the same time. Our approach for the past two years included finding solutions to set ourselves apart on both these tipping points. The strategies of how we pursue sourcing our raw material have proven to be successful.

We manage to deliver premium products at affordable pricing and it makes quality stone finishes much more available to all. Our strategy is also to consider the local market and is all about bringing expansion and growth to the industry. We are also committed to you and deliver solutions which are suitable and long-lasting, bringing you exceptional value for your money.

Easy purchases are another secret to our success. We invite you to visit our factory outlet to discuss your needs with our professionals who are ready to assist you. Together you can find the perfect solution to fulfil your needs and fit into your budget. For those who are not in the vicinity, our online store is as accommodating. The same helpful, professional team are ready to engage with you remotely regarding your needs and requirements. We’ll also gladly send you samples to assist in the process of making your choice.

We love to invite you to contact us and discuss your needs with our team. Regardless of whether you want to buy travertine pavers in Sydney or Canberra or anywhere you are. We are here to take care of your building needs and requirements.

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Ivory Travertine Tile Honed Tumbled Unfilled 610x406x12mm
11.12 11.12 /pc /m2 44.90 AUD
Ivory Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Pavers 610x406x30mm
16.00 16.0 /pc /m2 64.60 AUD
Beige Travertine Polished Filled Paver 600x300x20mm
8.37 8.37 /pc /m2 46.50 AUD
Classic Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 406x406x30mm
10.65 10.65 /pc /m2 64.61 AUD
Beige Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 400x400x26mm
10.38 10.38 /pc /m2 64.88 AUD
Beige Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 600x400x26mm
15.58 15.58 /pc /m2 64.92 AUD
Premium Travertine Honed Filled Tile 610x305x12mm
10.50 10.5 /pc /m2 56.44 AUD
Premium Travertine Honed Filled Tile 406X406X12mm
9.15 9.15 /pc /m2 55.79 AUD
Premium Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 610x406x30mm
16.00 16.0 /pc /m2 64.60 AUD
Walnut Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 300x150x30mm
2.22 2.22 /pc /m2 49.33 AUD
Walnut Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 400x200x30mm
3.92 3.92 /pc /m2 49.00 AUD
Giallo Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 600x300x30mm
12.25 12.25 /pc /m2 68.06 AUD
Giallo Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 200x400x30mm
3.92 3.92 /pc /m2 49.00 AUD
Giallo Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 200x200x30mm
1.96 1.96 /pc /m2 49.00 AUD
Noce Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 300x150x30mm
2.00 2.0 /pc /m2 44.44 AUD
Arizona Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 1200x400x30mm
55.00 55.0 /pc /m2 114.58 AUD

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