Cheap Outdoor Tiles

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space with Cheap Outdoor Tiles

Turning your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space needn’t require a huge investment — not with Hunter Pavers and our extensive options of high-quality but cheap outdoor tiles. From patio spaces to walkways to spa-like pool areas, we can help you realise your vision for your property in a gorgeous and affordable fashion.

What Sets Hunter Pavers Apart Regarding Cheap Exterior Tiles

If you are in the market for new, cheap outdoor floor tiles, you are likely considering multiple brands or suppliers. What sets Hunter Pavers apart from the crowd and makes us the right place to purchase the stone for your outdoor living area? Here are a few of our key differentiators:

  • We deliver terrific value through direct importing. How are we able to offer cheap exterior tiles without sacrificing quality? We get all our natural stone and building materials from outside of Australia — mostly Turkey. We are one of Australia’s largest importers and suppliers of premium natural stone. Because of our scope and size, we can acquire high-quality stone from foreign exporters at fantastic rates.

  • We cut out the middleman. The other factor that enables us to offer cheap outdoor tiles for sale to our customers throughout Australia is that we cut out the middleman. Some importers sell to franchises, suppliers or shops, which then sell to the customer. We are different in that we sell directly to the customer, without relying on these traditional intermediary structures. By playing the role of both importer and supplier, we can pass on the savings from our bulk-buy importing directly to you, the customer — hence our tough-to-beat pricing.

  • We offer natural stone products. Our stone pavers and tiles have either been ‘cut fresh out of the mountain or retrieved from the ocean floor’. The quarries that we buy from globally are harvesting stunning natural stone that carries both an earthy authenticity and an otherworldly beauty — both characteristics that will look fantastic in your new outdoor living space.

We also make a point of supporting local manufacturers wherever possible. Most of our bricks, blocks, cladding, and installation supplies come not from far-flung quarries, but Australian manufacturers and boutique suppliers. Giving back to the domestic economy is something we are very passionate about, simply because we are a part of that economy ourselves.

Tips Regarding Cheap Outdoor Pavers

Just as there is an infinite number of possibilities for renovating a kitchen or bathroom, the sky is truly the limit with your patio space or swimming pool area. In terms of size, layout, colour, texture, features and overall design, there are a lot of different paths you can take as you start envisioning your new outdoor living space. That process all begins with the stone pavers themselves. Even two patios with an identical layout can look quite different, depending on the stone paver you choose. Clearly, picking out a paver style is a big decision. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Explore what we have to offer. Our first recommendation to customers is typically to spend a few hours exploring our website and browsing our cheap outdoor tiles online. This process will allow you to acquaint yourself with the different stone varieties we offer: travertine, granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, basalt and bluestone, and to get a sense of which colours and styles you like best. As you browse, be sure to bookmark or take note of the paver styles you prefer.

  • Consider your project goal. Different paver styles may be better suited for certain projects. For instance, for a swimming pool area, you may want to consider a lighter-coloured stone. Lighter stone doesn’t absorb heat as much as darker stone, which can make it feel cooler and more comfortable on the feet. Since you and your guests will spend a fair amount of time barefoot around the pool, this consideration is certainly worthwhile. Travertine, with its light-colour shade and slip-resistant surface, is particularly suited for swimming pool decks. If you are choosing pavers for a driveway or patio space, on the other hand, you may not need to worry about foot feel as much — leaving you free to opt for darker shades of stone.

  • Think about how paver colour affects the lighting and look of the space. Say you are painting the walls throughout your home and are trying to choose different colours for different rooms. As a general rule, you’ll want to avoid darker shades of paint for rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light; choosing lighter, brighter shades can make the room appear lighter, even if it isn’t. The same basic concept is true for picking out cheap outdoor pavers. If you are picking out stone for a heavily shaded area, then choosing a lighter-coloured stone can make the space feel lighter and brighter. It’s also worth thinking about how the colour of the stone that you choose complements (or clashes) with your home. Generally, darker pavers look more natural alongside a darker-coloured home, while lighter pavers match with white or tan homes.

What You Can Expect from Hunter Pavers Regarding Cheap Outdoor Tiles

At Hunter Pavers, we provide a terrific customer experience from start to finish. If you decide to shop with us for outdoor tiles online, here are a few of the things you can count on from our customer service approach:

  • Friendly treatment, no matter what. Some importers or suppliers only give the time of day to construction companies or other clients that are likely to place big orders or turn into valuable recurring accounts. We are different. Our team loves working with anyone and everyone on paver-related projects, from architects to builders to tradies to DIY enthusiasts. Our goal, no matter who you are, is to help you find the stone that matches your needs and preferences.

  • Shipping throughout most of Australia. Whether you are shopping for cheap outdoor tiles in Sydney or a new set of outdoor pavers in Canberra, you can count on us. We ship to all major cities in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory.

  • The option of buying in person. If you’re shopping for outdoor tiles in Canberra or outdoor pavers in Sydney, it makes sense to start that shopping process online for ideas and inspiration. Despite the ease and convenience of shopping online, though, some customers still prefer to see their stone pavers in person before finalising their purchasing decisions. If you fall into this customer category, the good news is that we do offer an in-person buying option. Especially if you are looking for outdoor tiles in Newcastle, it’s not a long drive to get to our factory outlet in Heatherbrae, NSW, where you can view different products up close and inspect your pavers before you buy. Buying directly from our factory outlet is also a way to save on shipping.

An outdoor improvement project — whether it’s a new patio area, a makeover for your swimming pool deck or a more modern and fancier driveway — can turn your entire property into a more beautiful, more functional, and more enjoyable place to live. We want to help our customers achieve such outcomes, hence our focus on quality customer service and experience. As you search for outdoor floor tiles in Sydney or Brisbane, we hope you’ll consider us.

Why Trust Hunter Pavers Regarding Outdoor Tiles in Sydney?

Whether you’re buying outdoor tiles in Sydney via our online store or purchasing in person in Heatherbrae, the big question is: how can you be sure that Hunter Pavers is a reliable and trustworthy supplier of quality natural stone materials? For an answer, we’d point you towards our Google and Facebook customer reviews, which are, on the whole, extremely positive. Our customers have been impressed by everything from our prices to the quality of our stone to the above-and-beyond nature of our customer service. Since opening our doors two-plus years ago, we’ve built a reputation for excellence. We hope that we get a chance to bring that excellence to your next outdoor project. Contact us today to get started.