Why do we recommend Natural Limestone Paving?


There is a myriad of considerations that must be met prior to choosing the best paving material for every specific project. One of the first criteria that should be considered is the durability of the paving material, moreover, other specialties are including its versatility, available color tones, and how easy this can be installed.



Natural limestone paving is considered to be one of the most efficient and costly ways to remodel an area, and one of the most common ways to upgrade it with a more charming look. Natural limestone paving is a premium choice for different constructions, and while one looks for a contemporary and spectacular finish he can take the advantage of it. Natural limestone paving offers a smoother and flatter surface than many natural stones like sandstone. Limestone could also be cut in different finishes and depths and that is why one can use them without thinking of uneven patches.

Why choose natural limestone paving?

There is a myriad of considerations that must be met prior to choosing the best paving material for every specific project. One of the first criteria that should be considered is the durability of the paving material, moreover, other specialties are including its versatility, available color tones, and how easy this can be installed. Based on the current criteria, natural limestone paving seems to be a perfect choice.

Different colors of Natural Limestone paving

Among all high-quality paving materials, natural stones and especially natural limestone are typically irregular in color with no two stones looking the same, and therefore while using natural limestone paving, property owners can create a more rustic feel and also a hard-wearing surface. Natural limestone paving has been around for many years and across a range of different items which are available in the market people in Australia have used them because of its beauty, and the fact that it can stay intact even in extreme weather conditions, and also the because its maintenance does not require much time and energy.

Where to use Natural Limestone Paving

Natural limestone paving could be installed on the patio, pathway, landscaping, and also courtyard and it can be durable and useful as crushed limestone is. During the last few years, many people have also taken the beauty of natural limestone paving in their interior design like in the kitchen area, dining room, or wet areas including bathrooms. Natural limestone paving can easily match the general look of the gardens and as a natural stone, it works properly with both traditional and contemporary design elements.

The material used in Natural Limestone Paving

One of the main benefits of natural limestone paving is its non-slip surface, the quality which makes it an ideal option for swimming pool areas, gardens, and other similar places. Meanwhile, based on its intrinsic characteristics natural limestone paving can prevent frost damage during winter and also control it considerably. More importantly by the use of natural limestone paving, you can prevent moisture and maintain the beautification of your landscaping.

Important considerations when using natural limestone paving

Natural limestone paving also offers a consistent color palette, and because of that natural limestone paving has a sophisticated finish that makes it ideal for different designs and more specifically minimalist architecture. One important criterion which should be noticed when using natural limestone paving is the use of sealers. This will ensure a fresher look as time passes, and also maintain the original color of the surface as well as prevent the ingress of dirt. Such procedure becomes even more important when darker colored stones are used for natural limestone paving. Moreover, as natural limestone paving is susceptible to chemical damage, property owners should always be concerned not to use acid-based cleaners, as they would deteriorate the sleek look of the paving. So that is very important to ask for help from natural stone experts to decide what sort of cleaners best works for your paving material.

Things to do before installing

Another important consideration is the way the ground should be prepared before limestone laying, the notices change according to the thickness, and color of the natural limestone. Generally, the sub-base should be prepared and compacted properly in order to offer excellent load-bearing capabilities to ensure a lifelong finish. Despite the fact that natural limestone paving requires minimal maintenance, it should never be de-iced with salt as it can cause scaling.

Advantages of natural limestone paving

  • Durability of natural limestone paving

Natural limestone paving is renowned for being durable and extremely versatile, the qualities that make it ideal for both traditional and minimalist spaces. Natural limestone paving is long-lasting, timeless, and classic, and as time passes it will increase the value of every property and will enhance every area, and amazingly complement other natural materials. For exterior applications, the state of being hard-wear as well as enduring weather extremities seems to be vital characteristics. Natural limestone paving is exceptionally stylish, and its durability and high density never mean you should compromise on style.

  • Appearance, Important factor for customer 

There are different ranges of natural limestone paving in stunning colors, and it offers a real intricate beauty of nature by using them. It is also worth mentioning that natural limestone paving gets better as ages, and its uniqueness means no two items are ever the same. Natural limestone paving not only gives a spectacular view of your garden or landscape, but also it could offer versatile usage.

  • Variety of usage

Moreover, natural limestone paving is a very low maintenance choice, and it still looks sharps in a variety of outdoor and indoor applications. Property owners in both residential and commercial structures take the advantage of them and also favor them over more expensive items like granite because limestone natural paving is cheaper and also easier to work with.

Natural Limestone Paving or Granite

While the number of colors for limestone is more limited than those for sandstone or granite, there are a number of color options available for limestone paving including dark-gray, pale gray, blue-gray, tan, and cream colors. The limestone palette is more evenly colored than its sandstone or granite counterparts and it has a coloring that’s more predictable in rainy or wet weather than that of sandstone. Many people choose limestone pavers to give the exterior of their home or office a distinctive look that just isn’t possible using other quarried materials.

Disadvantages of natural limestone paving

However, by careful evaluation of an item, one can consider both the advantages and disadvantages and then decide whether to choose them or not. For example, in comparison with other quarried stones, there are limited quantities of limestone available in some parts of the world and therefore it might become expensive in some regions. Moreover, natural limestone paving may suffer from staining, and therefore, occasional pressure-cleaning of natural limestone with the help of specialists would help to maintain a fresh appearance over time.