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Travertine Tile

Travertine Tile

The facade of the building is one of the most important points that are considered when designing and constructing it. Luxurious buildings with impressive stone facades are among the most beautiful facades of the city that dazzle the eyes of every viewerAmong these, Travertine is the best choice for these buildings due to its variety of colors and extraordinary pattern. In this page, we will introduce travertine Tile and the necessary knowledge about it, so stay tuned

          What is Travertine Tile?                                           

           Travertine tile is a type of limestone tile that is made of mineral sediments formed in natural springs. This sedimentary rock is formed by the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate known as calcite. Other minerals combine with calcite to form a unique rock called travertine.
          Travertine tile is a versatile choice and product, because it has different types that can help you achieve a more beautiful appearance.
          You can give a luxurious look to your home space by using polished and shiny travertine tiles. Polished travertines are shiny and can create a brilliant and dazzling reflection surface in your home space.
          It’s worth mentioning, Travertine tiles can be used on floors and interior walls, such as    patios, garden paths. While it’s commonly used for flooring, you can also feature versatile travertine tile in a bathroom shower, a kitchen countertop and backsplash, or even a garden pathway.However, like any mined material, travertine has innate characteristics that may mean it isn’t the right fit for every homeowner because ;
          • Unique Style

          • Very Durable

          • Dense

          • low porosity

          • scalability

          • color fastness

          • Eco-Friendly

          • Easily Repaired

          • Versatility

          • A Cost-Effective Option

          Type Of Travertine

          Travertine is resistant to climate change, rain and snow and varies in color. Travertine stones are available in nature in white, cream, chocolate, red, walnut, yellow, lemon, silver and chocolate.
          There is no space limit for the use of travertine. Travertines can be used in both exterior and interior spaces of buildings. Travertine stones are such that they can be cut into wavy and undulating types. Over the years, the use of travertine for the exterior of buildings has been very common. Travertine stones are also used in the floor of some spaces in Europe, America and Australia, and this stone is suitable for people who are looking for low-thickness building stones because of its soft structure.

          Types and Grades of Travertine

          TileTravertine tile works on floors and walls, patios and bathrooms

          •  Premium Grade Travertine

          • Mid Grade Travertine

          • Vein Cut Travertine

          • Cross Cut Travertine

          The important thing about travertine is that ; Travertine keeps the outdoor area cool in hot weather and is a great choice for flooring around the pool in the yard. In recent years, travertine is one of the very good materials, thus one of the The most common materials in various types of flooring and paving, which is used by the pool and in hot weather. It is good to know that one of the good features of this stone is that even in the hottest areas, its surface stays cold and creates a good feeling when you walk on it barefoot.
          Also; Travertine is divided according to the type of cut;

          • Cut Types  

           Due to the bedding planes inherent in most travertine, it is possible to achieve a dramatically different look depending on the cut type chosen. The two cut types used to create travertine tiles are the Vein Cut and the Fleuri Cut. The travertine itself is the same for both types of tile; it is only the type of cut that causes the stone to differ in appearance.

          • Vein Cut  

            Vein cut describes the cutting process by which a cut is made against the bedding planes, or along the vein. This exposes the edge of the formation and gives the travertine tile a linear pattern.

          • Fleuri Cut   

          Fleuri cut, which is also known as a cross cut, is a cut made parallel to the bedding plane. This exposes a random pattern that is often circular. This cut does result in a strong tile; however, it is not ideal for high-traffic areas due to holes that may appear with heavy use. After installation, if holes should appear, it is standard practice to fill those holes instead of replacing the tile.

          It should be noted, of course, light travertine blocks that are mined have different color types and therefore, after cutting, they are classified into various colored categories. What is related to the price of travertine in the building stone market in the world, the most important parameter is that the closer the color of the stone to light colors, The price of that stone will also be more expensive.

          Travertine Pavers For Sale

          The price of travertine depends on your choice, but it can be a good choice between tiles at a reasonable price. Reasonable price with stylish and beautiful appearance can be affordable for a luxury travertine.
          Important points in buying travertine pavers and factors affecting its price; Travertine is one of the most widely used types of building stones. This stone is considered by many people because of its variety and high quality. It is possible to use travertine in different parts of the building, especially the facade.
          This stone has unique properties and according to its advantages and disadvantages, you can use it to give a beautiful look to your building. It is better to buy travertine with enough knowledge.
          When looking for natural stones to use in and outside your homes, you will not be disappointed with the travertine for sale at Hunter Pavers. Buy them online today or contact our Company to learn more about natural stones such as Travertine pavers, Tile ,Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone, limestone , basalt,masonry and Marble .
          However,First of all, to ensure the reasonable price of a building stone, you should be familiar with the factors that determine its price.

          French pattern travertine tiles

          French patterned tiles are always among the first choices of customers, because of their modular patterns they are also reminiscent of a stone floor which used to be use in ancient European palaces. It benefits a typical pattern in different tile sizes which makes a unique and bold look to every hardscape that it is being used there. You would also be familiar with it by the names ‘Versailles’ or ‘Ashlar’ or ‘Roman’ patterns. Despite the conventional form of tiles which were installed in a similar way with boring and ordinary look, French pattern tiles based on their characteristics offer a more elegant view to the spaces where it is used and would become the main attraction of outdoor spaces. This tile provides a bolder look that breaks the monotony of conventionally used tiles. Because of its easy installation process it is costly effective and once it is set to the surface, it will become a feature of the hardscape, making the space more detailed and eye-catching. One more positive note is that, no border is needed to finish it.

          Travertine stone tile suppliers

          In the past, mountains of Italy were the main source of travertine used in architecture and artwork, but recently, countries like Turkey, Iran, Mexico are also among the pioneer countries where supply high amount of travertine for the needs of the world. Mountains of Italy are mainly made up of stones in numerous shades and glorious colors like red and orange. Therefore, the natural stones that have been taken from there were being used as glorious and luxurious items in numerous famous monuments in Rome. However, these tiles are too expensive to be used by many people and organization all around the world. Denizli region of turkey is another area where is fairly popular among those who are interested in Travertine stones. The majority of them are quarried from Alimoglu & Cakmak, the former offers premium classic and medium classic tiles while the latter is the quarry of  "Ivory" or "light" ones. Iran is also among well-known Travertine suppliers for those who are interested in them and have long been one of the major suppliers of this valuable product. The Iranian travertine is widely used in modern architecture and is commonly seen as a façade and flooring material in different patterns.

          Travertine bathroom tiles

          Picking the right materials for every single place can sometimes be a little confusing except when different aspects of it be noticed first. Travertine is a great choice for bathrooms as it is a beautiful and durable stone. It offers both warmth and charm simultaneously which are not offered by different flooring and wall cladding materials. Meanwhile, taking to mind one of the biggest issues of homeowners which is the tendency for bathroom floors to become wet & slippery the customers should take in mind to choose the appropriate type of travertine for bathroom surfaces. For example a high gloss and smooth surface finish is not a good choice for your shower as it will become very slippery and dangerous whenever it gets wet. It is worth to mention that hone-finished or tumble-finished travertine are highly recommended by floor and tile experts to be used as the desired travertine for bathrooms. Hone-finished is more refined than tumble-finished and the pits are filed properly. On the other hand, tumble-finished offers a more naturally texture that creates a more rustic design quality. Based on our experts, these finished are suitable choices for bathrooms which inhibits most spills that are likely to happen.

          Travertine pool coping

          Travertine stones based on their characteristics are widely-used in interior and exterior design. Travertines are also a good choice for pool coping because they provide the customers with plenty of merits like the enhanced look and better functionality of the pool. Travertines are versatile products with different textures and shapes from countries in Asia to Europe and that is why they give their consumers the freedom and flexibility to create unique pool coping. Meanwhile, no matter whether the shape of your pool is rectangular or curly, different options like drop face pavers and bullnose pavers would come to your mind as your desired Travertine for pool coping. Two types of travertine called Tumbled and honed are good choices for pool coping as they are rough enough not to harsh skin and also offer adequate amount of friction which consequently makes a safe barefoot walk on them no matter they are wet. Moreover, because of their enduring beauty and grandeur they can give the sense of luxury for your outdoor area at great costs. They have also became dominant to the extent that suppliers tent to design them for easy and fast installation and sealing.

          Travertine floor tiles

          Travertine floor tiles are widely-used items for floor installation and have long been used in contemporary architecture in different parts of the world and many architectures tend to incorporate this material in their designs because of a wide range of brilliant benefits that they offers. Despite most of natural stones travertine floor tiles offers numerous benefits and that is why even middle-income households can go for it and benefit the luxe look that it offers. Also travertine maintenance regime is easy and customers can add more life to it by just wiping spills immediately. Honed travertine is one the most commonly used ones that is thoroughly ground and sanded in order to form a uniform surface. This type of travertine floor tiles are not sparkling like polished travertine in order to avoid vulnerable damages on them. Their finishes are also prone to be damaged by acidic materials that is why you should use coasters under any sort of acidic juice or whatever in order to maintain them. Meanwhile, they should be cleaned with a humid sponge or tissue to avoid let the scratches to grow on them.

          Travertine tile outdoor

          Travertine stone offers instant sophistication while at the same time they give the sense of elegance to outdoor environment. Patios and stair treads are among the places that designers consider travertine usage on them more dominantly. They are also part of resurfacing process of a concrete decks.  Although outdoor Travertine tiles are natural stones they are affordable for different group of people for their exterior designing and at the same time they offer a long lifespan. In contrast with precast pavers and concrete ones that offer and average life of 10 years, this natural outdoor travertine tiles are usable for more than a century which will probably outlast the life of the building. Travertine is among the most durable and rugged natural stone and by just sealing it every two years you will make sure that it will stay looking fresh and it will being kept from damages. The other benefit that it offers in contrast with precast pavers is its natural look and they also do not require lengthy installation time which is another brilliant merit that is offered by them.

          Travertine tile cost

          Natural stones like Travertine must be quarried from different locations where they are found. Therefore, this process makes them a little hard and expensive to be obtained and installed. Money is always a concern for those who are going to dive in an improvement or building project. Despite any other piece of natural stone or wooden tile Travertine can be considered as a mid-range stone in terms of price Travertine tile cost in some cases is double or triple time cheaper than the abovementioned piece of materials. Travertine tile cost lets the home owners the opportunity to use them for their need without spending a fortune. Moreover, in contrast with most materials it is highly durable which leads an overall save of money as time passes. Travertine is also easy to be installed which means you are not supposed to spend much money on its installation process. Although they are not the cheapest tiles which are available on the market, they are clearly one of the most cost effective ones because they bring us numerous advantages and that is why they are widely-used in remodeling houses in even lower-income nations.

          Travertine tiles for sale Australia

          As Travertine tiles offer the sense of luxury and it is affordable for many people and because of the fact that this marvelous natural stone are for sale in diverse ranges and shapes, it has become one the most popular natural stone in the world and also Australia and therefore different organizations have being formed to supply and sale their Travertine tiles for people in different parts of Australia. This companies sale Travertine tiles, pavers and other respective accessories and other natural stones in Australia. In the past people could also take their needs physically and buy whatever they needed through conventional markets in Australia. But these days thanks to the advances that are offered by technology people can order whatever they want through websites and also receive them wherever they want. As a specialized dealer of premium quality travertine, we also sale our natural stones which are mostly from quarries of Turkey, Europe and Iran to our customers both physically and through our website in all parts of Australia.

          Almond milk tumbled Travertine

          Almond milk tumbled Travertine is type of Travertines that are versatile and pretty enough to be used in all living areas and all places consisting outdoors. Almond milk Travertine offers very short amount of holes with the glory of its neutral toning. It is usually used in different styles which gives spiritual feeling to the consumers. As it is from the family of Travertines it offers other benefits that are provided by this natural stone which is its durability and a lifelong usage. Almond milk tumbled Travertine is hugely popular and more importantly affordable for all who are looking for brightness in their design.

          Warm ash travertine tiles

          Warm ash travertine tile which was formed from volcanic natural Travertine gives any surface such a brilliant and unique vision. This stone offers a mixture of light and dark grey which are filled with beige and cream layers. Warm ash travertine tiles as well as giving the feeling of uniqueness are reminiscence of classical architecture of ancient Europe. Warm ash travertine tiles offer linear veins and because of that they are highly demanded in order to fit nicely into the modern design schemes.

          Travertine cream tile

          All travertine tiles are of great popularity among anyone who is interested in flashy decorations since the ancient time and Cream travertine tiles are not an exception for the users. Moreover, polishing cream Travertine tiles makes their color’s pops up which consequently leads a richer look. Also this stunning collection can provide natural good look and stylish feature to where they are used. The combination of these tiles brings warmth and affection to the chosen area. Classic beige Travertine is another name for Cream Travertine and countries like Iran and Turkey are two pioneer countries that supply them.

          White travertine marble tile

          From all colors that travertine offers to its consumers white travertine is of the most eye-catching one that also has sophisticated structure. White travertine tiles are available in different finishing surfaces and holes filling. They have long been used by people around the world for construction aims and for flooring and covering purposes. They are also flexible enough to be used in both interior and exterior areas and different finished from polished and honed to flamed and bush hammered ones are available in the market. This marvelous stone came originally from Italy, but today quarries from different parts of the world are supplying White travertine marble tiles.

          Black travertine tiles

          Black Travertine or dark silver Travertine is a natural sedimentary stone that is totally found in Italy. They have mostly been cut perfectly and because of that they offer a uniform thickness which benefits from a cream filler in it. Black travertine tiles are spectacular icons for both exterior and interior design and their color gives a sense of luxury to every place that take the advantage of them. They are mostly processed into honed, polished and sandblasted ones which adds more sharpness to their view. All the above mentioned characteristics have made it an ideal material for creating inviting atmosphere whenever they are used on the floors and walls.

          Silver Travertine tile

          Silver Travertine is one the chicest items which is available on the market. Its color is a combination of dark and light gray and contains beige tones. This silver colored stone is a good choice for houses, shrines and also other complexes as it offers both luxury and durability on the same time. Like rest of Travertines, Silver travertine tile is naturally porous and by considering its eye-catching color it is one the most enthusiastic stones for pool construction. In hot areas silver Travertine tile would be a good choice as it is heat resistant and would stay cold even when temperature exceeds 85 degrees.

          Travertine pavers gold

          Despite travertine tiles, Travertine pavers are much ticker which enlarges their lifespan and increases their resistance to moisture, cold, heat and erosion which are destructive elements to all flooring covers. They are directly set into the ground which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor paving. Besides, gold pavers sharpens the scenery of the area much more than the conventional forms and their characteristics increase the value of every building that take the advantage of them. Gold Travertine pavers are also popular for indoor usage like for sink counters and floors as it adds an elegant look to the design of the house.

          Grey travertine tile

          Grey Travertine tiles offer unique toning and textual variation and they add understated elegance to where they are used. Most of the time they come in two different categories called light and dark grey Travertine. They also takes the benefit of linear veins on them which makes them popular choices for modern design schemes. They are available in different thicknesses and finishes like polished, aged and tumbled ones. Grey Travertine tiles have swirling pattern with array of creams which gives them unique character and has made Grey travertine tiles the ideal choice for bathroom, kitchen and Hall way.

          for ever ;

          Travertine is one of several natural stones that are used for paving patios and garden paths. It is sometimes known as travertine limestone or travertine marble; these are the same stone, although travertine is classified properly as a type of limestone, not marble.
          The stone is characterised by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. Although these troughs occur naturally, they suggest signs of considerable wear and tear over time. It can also be polished to a smooth, shiny finish, and comes in a variety of colors from grey to coral-red. Travertine is most commonly available in tile sizes for floor installations.

          Our Cheap Travertine Pavers Offer Variety in Complementary Finishes

          Cheap travertine pavers are a preferred solution to many shopping at Hunter Pavers for diverse solutions to complement your home. Travertine is a unique kind of natural stone and a sought-after finish for patios and pathways in your garden. A multitude of small holes on the surface gives the stone its unique character, giving the impression of years of exposure to natural elements and normal wear and tear. Our range of travertine pavers in New Castle include pavers with a natural finish or a polished appeal.

          Benefits of Hunter Pavers

          During the past two years, we at Hunter Pavers quickly grew into a reputable name in the building industry. Our buyers travel across the globe in search of only the highest quality stone from trusted sources. Quickly we grew into one of the largest importers of natural stone, giving you the confidence of quality, choice and above all, affordability.

          • Tremendous variety and options set us apart from the competition. Our range of premium quality pavers is sought after across the continent. When you want to buy travertine pavers or any other kind of stone, you know whom to contact. Our factory outlet in NSW invites you to explore our diversity and quality ranges on offer. From here we supply and deliver your order of cheap travertine tiles to Sydney or your favourite travertine pavers in Canberra. We can even take care of your order when you buy travertine tiles online

          • From the most basic form to premium quality products, we are part of a small group of global suppliers who operate according to our successful business model. We want you to know that every delivery of cheap travertine pavers in Sydney or any cheap travertine tiles which we deliver nationwide to your site, goes through a journey towards perfection. It is a journey we guide and direct as we are responsible for the sourcing of only the best quality raw material, the production phase to processing it globally into magnificence and nationwide delivery. Because we go to the natural sources of these stones and buy from them directly, we do cut out the middle man. In conjunction with the middleman, we also eliminated many added costs which you might have to pay for otherwise. Yet, it is not only about saving unnecessary expenses but also about being present for the entire process from raw magnificence to the brilliance of final production.

          • We support our local markets. Indeed, we source many of our natural stones and magnificent raw materials from trusted sources globally. For all else, we are firm supporters of our local market. We see ourselves as committed to expanding our local Australian economy through trusted support of our local manufacturers of bricks and cladding, blocks and other installation supplies. We don’t discriminate on size, and regardless of the size of your operation, we will support you when you deliver the same kind of premium quality that we do.

          When You Buy Travertine Tiles Consider This

          When you visit our factory outlet or even contact us regarding any item in our online store, you will soon realise that our team is passionate about stone. We share excitement about the various kinds of stone and the numerous applications of each. We are not merely in the business of selling stone products to finish off your paving projects, but indeed we want to promote the industry. Our goal is to share our knowledge and ensure customer satisfaction. Thus, the following is are our tips when you buy travertine pavers or tiles.

          • Consider the various demands which your specific choice of paver or tile will have to fulfil. Please discuss these with our team for advice and insight into your construction needs to deliver a final product to your satisfaction. We have a wide range of various tiles and pavers such as limestone, granite, marble and more. Each of these stones is best for a specific kind of application. Each delivers its unique charming character to a set space. Some are better suited for certain areas, ambiences or even estimated traffic in hallways and lobbies. We prepare each of our quality pavers and tiles to perfection to fulfil a specific purpose in a given construction, big or small.

          • It can be challenging to envision perfection from the images in a brochure, especially for the less trained eye. Thus, request samples from your supplier to give you a much more realistic presentation of the final look and feel before committing to orders. We gladly offer free samples to help you before you buy your travertine tiles in Sydney or anywhere else nationally. We also don’t limit our free sample service merely to travertine tiles and pavers, but you can request free samples on our entire range. It is also a service which is very beneficial when you buy travertine pavers online.

          • We offer diversity not only in natural stone solutions but also our wide variety of masonry options. Our buyers source these quality items from trusted local suppliers, and we are proud supporters of boosting the Australian economy to benefit all role-players involved. Not only do we help the producers of quality masonry products to supply our clients, but sourcing locally also has numerous financial benefits which we pass on to you again. Hence, we can provide our masonry products at the same high level of affordability as our stone pavers and tiles.

          About Hunter Pavers

          There are several pillars in our business which reflects our commitment and which we believe are the foundation of our success within the challenging industry of construction. It’s an industry that is very much price-driven while having to deliver excellence in quality and prestige craft at the same time. Our approach for the past two years included finding solutions to set ourselves apart on both these tipping points. The strategies of how we pursue sourcing our raw material have proven to be successful.

          We manage to deliver premium products at affordable pricing and it makes quality stone finishes much more available to all. Our strategy is also to consider the local market and is all about bringing expansion and growth to the industry. We are also committed to you and deliver solutions which are suitable and long-lasting, bringing you exceptional value for your money.

          Easy purchases are another secret to our success. We invite you to visit our factory outlet to discuss your needs with our professionals who are ready to assist you. Together you can find the perfect solution to fulfil your needs and fit into your budget. For those who are not in the vicinity, our online store is as accommodating. The same helpful, professional team are ready to engage with you remotely regarding your needs and requirements. We’ll also gladly send you samples to assist in the process of making your choice.

          We love to invite you to contact us and discuss your needs with our team. Regardless of whether you want to buy travertine pavers in Sydney or Canberra or anywhere you are. We are here to take care of your building needs and requirements.

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          Ivory Travertine Tile Honed Tumbled Unfilled 610x406x12mm
          11.12 11.12 /pc /m2 44.90 AUD
          Ivory Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Pavers 610x406x30mm
          18.83 18.83 /pc /m2 76.03 AUD
          Beige Travertine Polished Filled Paver 600x300x20mm
          8.37 8.37 /pc /m2 46.50 AUD
          Beige Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 400x400x26mm
          12.16 12.16 /pc /m2 76.00 AUD
          Beige Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 600x400x26mm
          18.24 18.24 /pc /m2 76.00 AUD
          Premium Travertine Honed Filled Tile 610x305x12mm
          10.50 10.5 /pc /m2 56.44 AUD
          Premium Travertine Honed Filled Tile 406X406X12mm
          9.15 9.15 /pc /m2 55.79 AUD
          Premium Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 610x406x30mm
          16.00 16.0 /pc /m2 64.60 AUD
          Walnut Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 300x150x30mm
          2.22 2.22 /pc /m2 49.33 AUD
          Walnut Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 400x200x30mm
          3.92 3.92 /pc /m2 49.00 AUD
          Giallo Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 200x400x30mm
          3.92 3.92 /pc /m2 49.00 AUD
          Giallo Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 200x200x30mm
          1.96 1.96 /pc /m2 49.00 AUD
          Noce Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 300x150x30mm
          2.00 2.0 /pc /m2 44.44 AUD
          Arizona Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Paver 1200x400x30mm
          55.00 55.0 /pc /m2 114.58 AUD
          Walnut Travertine Honed Tumbled Unfilled Tile 300x150x15mm
          2.07 2.07 /pc /m2 46.00 AUD

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