How you make Travertine look modern? 


Regardless of the application and where travertine is going to be installed, people always should be concerned about their preference and what the final surface would look like. Among all the items that are available in the market people commonly have a tendency to a sense of modernity as well as a sense of luxury.


 Acquiring your style

Regardless of the application and where travertine is going to be installed, people always should be concerned about their preference and what the final surface would look like. Among all the items that are available in the market people commonly have a tendency to a sense of modernity as well as a sense of luxury. This way individuals may go for modern options or for solutions to make their travertine look modern. Therefore, the fabric, its color, and its finishes would play crucial roles in the final decision.

Moreover, the tiles should be chosen appropriately, the appropriate pattern should be implemented, and everything should be worked properly in order to make a package that gravitates anyone towards them. Recently, synthetic materials like porcelain tiles have gained popularity as well as natural stones, and different factors like their affordability, beauty, and durability may have profound effects on people when they are going to acquire their modern design. Among all the above-mentioned items travertine tiles, slabs or pavers are of great popularity, as such sedimentary items are developed over time, and therefore they give off an antique and rustic look with their spectacular finishes. Meanwhile, In comparison with wooden or porcelain flooring materials they offer more durable surfaces, and in comparison with granite or marble flooring, they are more affordable and are easier to turn into a more modern one.

Travertine is a modern and contemporary material

Travertine is a limestone, and as a natural material, it tempts earth-tone colors. Moreover, Travertine is among the most popular construction options, and when it comes to building, developers, designers, and property owners will go for them without hesitation. For example, as paving materials, they can withstand a lot of abuse, and when it comes to their appearance they are considered as one of the most modern items for property owners. Travertine products are commonly used in driveways, decks, and floorings, and a plethora of advantages that they offer means they rarely deny the lavish style, and they offer a modern look.

Despite the fact that travertine is considered to be one of the oldest materials that have also been used in the medieval design, still in modern apartments which are along with the latest trends, designers take the advantage of them and property owners without a shadow of a doubt go for them. Moreover, its durability means travertine will stay intact for a long period of time, and when it is used in outdoor applications it gives a sense of prestige, and modernity to the area. Another characteristic that makes travertine so popular for modern designs is its spectacular texture with moderate tones swirling in its hazy surface. In all places where individuals take the advantage of them, the work of earth with its ultimate beauty would be achievable that is created by nature. Such qualities mean travertine can provide towering grandeur of earth, and after installing them there is not much needed to make travertine looks modern as it naturally looks that way.

How to take the advantage of travertine properly

Travertine is a limestone that is also one of the most popular types of stone used in architecture and has been for centuries from medieval to modern architecture. The Colosseums of Rome and other magnificent buildings like the Getty Center in Los Angeles are all examples of the popularity of these marvelous stones in the history of mankind. But, the truth is that Travertine tiles are still very popular among homeowners, and their durability and elegance help to make travertine modern for residential, or office applications.

No matter where to take the advantage of them, people can make their flooring, counterparts, tub surrounds, and outdoor pavers look iconic by the use of them. There is not much needed to be done to make travertine looks modern as travertine naturally looks sharp and will turn into a focal point regardless of the space. Unlike other natural stones, including granite travertine offers a naturally weathered look and therefore individuals in different parts of the world still prefer their usage in their modern design. However, like all-natural materials, travertine comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantageous, and therefore, accounts should be taken into consideration prior to take the advantage of them.

Desirably, travertine slabs or pavers are found in soft and warm neutral hues, and the color swirls and waves throughout them, create unique and timeless patterns, the qualities which are so popular for modern design. More importantly, boldly colored blotches, freckles, or strongly contrasting dark veins are not found in travertine tiles, and instead of that they have tone-on-tone colorations, and therefore they are perfect items to turn your surrounding into a modern one.

The natural characteristics of travertine

Another spectacular identity of travertine tiles is their slightly pitted surface with indentations from bubbling of carbon dioxide during the creation process. Travertine owns its rustic appearance to them, but in order to make travertine look modern individuals should fill the holes with an epoxy mixture, and then sanded them down evenly with the surface of the stone. This way no dust or debris would be gathered on the surface of travertine, and it means you can have a more modern design.

Moreover, the surface would become smoother and easier to clean. However, in some cases, homeowners tend to install travertine on vertical surfaces without filling them to achieve a more aged, and rugged appearance. Intriguingly, travertine based on the manufacturing process is found in four different finishes including polished, honed, tumbled, or brushed finishes. One efficient way to make the travertine look modern is to polish its surface.

This way the most modern and spectacular finish would be achieved. Polished travertine is created by filling the holes which are naturally found on the surface of them, and then polishing them up to the point that a shinier and smoother surface is created. This way a high-end and luxurious look is offered which is a perfect choice for entryways, floors, our backsplashes, while its naturally slippery surface means this finish is not appropriate in wet areas like in pool surroundings or bathrooms. Honed travertine is also practical to achieve a more modern area for residential uses. This way the holes are first filled, and then it is sanded to produce a smooth but almost-matte finish that suits well any modern style in both interior and exterior design.

The possible damages of travertine

Travertine naturally has less durability in comparison with granite or marble, but it still stands up well to foot traffic and will not crack even in extreme weather conditions. While travertine is susceptible to scratches, and it also tends to wear and age, many people consider it as a plus point as they want to make travertine look modern by installing unsealed travertine in outside applications. On the other hand, many consider sealing travertine regularly to keep their stone looking new based on their preference.

Travertine tiles are also prone to etching as they are porous and can absorb liquids over time. This way, acidic liquids like juices or coffees may chemically react to the stone and mark their surface. It is worth mentioning that polished travertine has some natural resistance to etching, and stains based on its manufacturing process. One way to stave off such marks on the surface of travertine is to use protective sealants which are appropriate for natural stones, and our experts recommend reapplying them on a regular basis. This way, the sealant should be wiped away, then the surface should be dried properly, and finally, a second sealant should be coated on the surface of the stone.

How to restore travertine surfaces

One practical way to make travertine shine again is to strip excessive material. Whenever you want to polish the surface of your travertine stone, firstly you should wipe out wax and dirt, and a travertine stripper would be so beneficial in these cases. Taking the advantage of a fresh mop would be a must for that. After the surface is covered with the chosen stripper, the mopping process should be repeated with plain water a number of times in order to ensure that the grimes are removed properly. Using steam cleaners is also practical for such an aim, and it would break up any residual stripper on the surface of the stone. Getting a high polish surface, and making the travertine look modern is highly demanded on steam cleaner as it can even help to remove some light scratches and stains from its surface. Afterward, the possible damages should be repaired to restore the surface of the stone, and such procedure is implemented by the use of epoxies. Such filler compounds, make it easy to patch imperfections in the stone and make travertine look modern again.

How you make travertine look modern

Like other natural stones, travertine is popularly used for both interior and exterior design, and a wide variety of color options makes travertine look modern. However, ultra-strong flooring has a tendency to look dull over time, and that is why people should ask for ways from our professionals to make travertine look modern, and restore the dull surface to a new-luster. Meanwhile, another remedy for such a problem is to polish the surface of travertine to remove the dirt and turns them to their original sheen again. Fortunately, such a procedure is simple and even family members can do it on a weekend.

However, polishing the surface of travertine is a practical way to make travertine look modern. Such a procedure requires renting a weighted buffing machine. Overall, two general methods are available for polishing travertine. The first one brings the surface of travertine to a shine gradually, and it needs grid pads. This way, a low-grit diamond pad is attached to the bottom of the buffing machine, and it will remove any types of imperfections from the top layer of the travertine.

Another common way is to use a polishing powder as opposed to multiple sanding pads. Such procedure is repeated up to the point the desired surface is achieved. However, polishing travertine is believed to be a messy process, and when the travertine is restored to its original luster, the cleaning process begins. The entire floor should be mopped and cleaned properly by the use of clean water, and then an appropriate sealer should be used to protect the surface.