Is Travertine Coffee table a good choice?


Travertine is a versatile natural stone. Through history, it has been used as a construction material. For instance, many monumental building such as the Rome Colosseum, the Getty Center in Los Angeles and Shell-Haus in Berlin were all built with travertine.



Travertine is one of the popular types of limestone which is made due to fast sedimentation of calcite. This sedimentary stone is made out of mineral deposits. The mineral deposits involved in the formation process of travertine can come from natural springs. When various minerals mix with calcite in the processes, they make travertine stone with its specific characteristics. For better understanding this process and the mixture that sediment to shape travertine, you can think of the mixture as nature's concrete. when the mixture is settled down and the water is separated through evaporation, travertine stone is made.

ِDifferent Travertine Indoor Uses

Travertine is a versatile natural stone. Through history, it has been used as a construction material. For instance, many monumental building such as the Rome Colosseum, the Getty Center in Los Angeles and Shell-Haus in Berlin were all built with travertine. Then travertine moved on to be a very suitable material for paving, wall cladding and façades in architectural projects. From late 20th century till now, travertine has many other different uses in interior design and home décor furniture. One of the most common uses of travertine as home décor and furniture is travertine coffee tables.

Travertine coffee tables

Travertine coffee tables are one of the mid-century trends dominating many of the most covetable homes featured everywhere. If you check them online, you will find many travertine table pictures in people's personal Pinterest boards or posts about them on Instagram of the inventories of the best vintage furniture sellers. The travertine coffee table is a pieces of beauty, this natural stone can add elegance and glory to any place. Also due to the characteristics travertine has, the travertine coffee table can get along nicely with many styles such as rustic and vintage. Travertine coffee table can also complement other objects in the room for example, it can provide a neutral base on which to showcase a beautiful vase or any other decorative object in your taste. Here in this article we have tried to gather all the needed information about travertine coffee tables. In below there are answers to some of the most common questions that comes to mind about travertine coffee tables:

What statement travertine coffee tables make?

Like many other natural stones, travertine can add instant value and texture to your place. It can be seen as an unexpected, bold or interesting decision that can function perfectly. The main reason that travertine coffee tables can easily go with everything or function in various styles is that, other than its color and texture, travertine has amazing properties like easy maintenance that makes them a perfect material for travertine coffee tables. Having a travertine coffee table in your place can mean that you are a confident person ready to make bold decisions and statements, while the characteristic and natural aesthetic of travertine means you make wise decisions.

Is it good to have travertine coffee tables?

There is no doubt that there are many reasons for travertine coffee tables to be so popular. For instance, travertine slabs are way more light in weight than marble stone. They can also be more durable and resistant to weathering which can be counted as another advantage. Travertine coffee tables are available in various natural and neutral shades of color palette which means that they can be suitable and fit to a great variety of interior decor styles.

Is travertine good enough to be a coffee table?

Well firstly, travertine coffee table aren’t famous for nothing! More to that, travertine is a very beautiful and durable natural stone that can have vast applications for both indoor and outdoor projects. You must have heard of natural stone like travertine, marble, granite, and etc. that have been installed as countertops in many residential projects. In comparison to use and application, a coffee table is not so different from countertops. So the answer is YES, travertine is more than good enough material to be a coffee table. Keep that in mind and buy your travertine coffee table with ease.

What are the home décor styles that travertine coffee table can be good for?

In general, travertine coffee tables can be used in all the home décor styles and they will complement the place. The more common style that people prefer to use travertine coffee tables in, are rustic and vintage. But if you use a polished travertine slab or tile for your coffee table, they can go nicely with modern styles to. Also whether making the travertine coffee table to be a focal point it the room or not is your choice based on the color pallet you desire.

Are marble stone and travertine coffee tables the same?

You should note that many people can commonly mistake travertine for marble stone. but they are completely categorized as two different kinds of rocks due to their formation process. travertine is a type of limestone made out of sedimentation of mineral whereas marble stone is a kind of metamorphic rocks. so they are only similar by their appearances. Due to their characteristics, travertine coffee tables are easier to maintain. As for cost and marketing, marble stone is way more expensive and hard to find. In conclusion, the travertine coffee table can be a bit more profitable choice.

should travertine coffee tables only be made out of slabs?

In general, a coffee table is small countertop in the middle of your living room! Travertine countertops comes are available in both tile and slab forms that makes it your own choice which one to prefer. Keep in mind that you can ask for various finishes to be applied on your travertine coffee table slab and tiles, but when we know that the honed natural finish is more suitable for residential countertop uses, the ideal finishing for your travertine coffee table should be a honed natural finish.

Is it necessary to use sealer for travertine coffee tables?

Firstly, sealants are used when you want to use natural stones as pavers. But if you want to keep your coffee table perfect we advise to impregnate your table before use. You will need an impregnation agent for travertine stones. The impregnation can make your table more resistant to surface stains and scratches. But you should note that the impregnation does not change the natural porous nature of travertine stones, so we recommend protecting the table with coasters, placemats and regularly maintaining the travertine coffee table.

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