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Limestone is very common in architecture, especially in Europe and North America. Many landmarks across the world, including the Great Pyramid and its associated complex in Giza, Egypt, were made of limestone.

Limestone is long-lasting and stands up well to exposure, which explains why many limestone ruins survive.

Limestone was also a very popular building block in the Middle Ages in the areas where it occurred, since it is hard, durable, and commonly occurs in easily accessible surface exposures. Many medieval churches and castles in Europe are made of limestone.

Looking for Cheap Limestone Pavers? Find Them at Hunter Pavers

If you’re looking for cheap limestone pavers for an outdoor area, you’re making an excellent choice. Limestone has been used to build some of the world’s earliest structures, including the Parthenon in Athens and the pyramids at Giza. Today, limestone is often used to create an old-world or antique look, although it is also a fantastic choice for more modern-looking patios.

Benefits of Limestone Pavers in Sydney

Limestone is a material with a pleasing natural appearance that comes in many different colours and shapes. Here are some of the specific advantages of using limestone.

  • It’s versatile. Limestone is an ideal material for outdoor projects, such as patios, driveways, walkways, pool areas, courtyards, stepping paths, and landscaping. However, it’s equally useful for kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms because it’s colourful and easy to coordinate with existing design elements.

  • It’s durable. One of the best things about limestone is that it’s exceptionally durable. While you don’t want to drop extremely heavy or hard items on limestone, it stands up very well to everyday wear and tear. Also, for its durability, it’s still a comfortable material to walk on (unlike, say, granite or marble).

  • It’s naturally non-slip. Limestone makes an excellent base for swimming pool areas as well as patios and gardens because it won’t become excessively slippery when it gets wet. It also resists frost, which helps prevent slips and falls and also helps prevent damage to the stones.

Tips Regarding Limestone Tiles in Sydney

Limestone will look great for years to come, even outdoors, as long as you maintain it properly. Luckily, keeping your limestone in good shape is very simple, requiring just a few steps occasionally.

  • Sweep up debris. Sweep your limestone with a broom to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris. You can start in the centre and work your way to the edges or sweep the debris into small piles to remove afterward. Alternatively, use a leaf blower to clean off your limestone.

  • Wash with water. Use your garden hose to wash off your limestone. You could also use a pressure washer but be sure to use the lowest setting and stand back as far as you can at first – then gradually increase the pressure and move closer if needed. This step is especially important if your limestone happens to be damaged.

  • Spread cat litter on stains. If you notice any oil stains on your limestone, you can sprinkle cat litter on them, and it will absorb the oil and minimise the appearance of the stain. Or, you can scrub these stains gently using a nylon brush and hot soapy water. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward.

About Hunter Pavers

If you’re looking for cheap limestone tiles, you’ve come to the right place. Hunter Pavers offers a wide range of pavers and tiles in limestone, granite, marble, sandstone, and more for your indoor and outdoor needs. When you shop with us, you’ll be dealing directly with the producer and supplier – we do it all, and we won’t be beat on price. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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Blue Limestone Flamed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 400x400x30mm
24.00 24.0 /pc /m2 150.00 AUD
Blue Limestone Flamed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 1200x400x30mm
105.00 105.0 /pc /m2 218.75 AUD
Black Limestone Natural Split Paver 600x400x30mm
19.20 19.2 /pc /m2 80.00 AUD
Black Limestone Natural Split Paver 400x400x30mm
12.80 12.8 /pc /m2 80.00 AUD

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