Why do we need a Limestone Fireplace


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 Limestone is one of the famous sedimentary rocks in the world. It is made out of composition of calcite which is one of the calcium carbonate minerals. Limestone is also known to be a biological sedimentary rock due to one of its formation processes. Commonly limestone is formed out of the organic debris such as accumulation of shell, coral, algal, fecal, and etc. the environment that limestone is shaped in, needs to be shallow, soothed, warm and clear marine waters. Limestone can be found in many parts of the world.

Due to many features of limestone such as, availability, appearance and color pallet; it has become a versatile natural stone that can be used for various applications. For instance, limestone has various applications in constructional and architectural projects in both indoor and outdoor areas. For instance, limestone slab and tiles can be used for countertops, wall cladding, back splashes, fireplaces and etc. In this article our main focus is on understanding the advantages of having limestone fireplaces.

Reasons why to have Limestone Fireplace

Any type of fireplace can add a cozy and luxury feeling to your room and it will turn out to be a master piece in your place. You just need to choose a suitable natural stone. Deciding on what natural stone you should choose for your fireplace can be hard, so it is more than normal to feel stuck in this process when it comes to choosing fireplace surrounds and fireplace mantles. Most of the natural stone fireplaces are designed and made out of marble stones or limestone. Both have many advantages but the limestone fireplace is chosen more frequently.

Limestone is a type of natural stone that can add warmth to your place so if you choose to have a limestone fireplace in your living room, it will become the focal point and your guests will see it as the centerpiece to your room. in below we will name and discuss some advantages of limestone fireplaces that can help you consider whether to have one or not.

Budget Friendly and Inexpensiveness of limestone fireplaces

When you want to build a fireplace in your living room, the cost of the materials can be a critical factor in deciding which material to use. It is an amazing to know that limestone fireplace slab and tiles are generally affordable and can meet most budgets, which means you can quality with a reasonable price. Limestone is abundantly available in almost any location and compared to marble stone, it is relatively cheaper. So if you are on the hunt for a suitable and budget friendly material to build your fireplace that can also present an elegant appearance, a limestone fireplace can deliver all your expectations.

Bespoke limestone

It is good to for you to know that the more expensive limestone slab and tiles are those that are made to be bespoke. That said, it is obvious that anything tailor made specifically for you and to your taste will always cause more costs. The good thing about bespoke limestone fireplace slab and tiles is that they are made out of a quality, and low-cost material, which means a bespoke limestone fireplace slab and tiles should still fit within your budget.

Durability of Limestone Fireplaces

Durability is one of the key features of having limestone's that can make limestone fireplaces an ideal candidate for your place. Due to this feature and with proper care, your limestone fireplace can last long in perfect condition for many years. The durability of limestone can help preventing dents, scratches or even shattering and breaking.

Aesthetics Appeal of Limestone Fireplaces

Compared to other materials, limestone has a soft texture which means that with a professional help you can have designed carvings on limestone. Interesting fact is that many people who like DIY projects, do limestone carvings themselves but we always advise you to ask for professional help and consult. Another advantage of limestone fireplaces, is the vast color option that you have. You can match the furniture with your limestone fireplace or even the other way around.

As we mentioned earlier, limestone is a famous choice worldwide especially for building fireplaces. Added to the features that we named about its aesthetics, a limestone fireplace can represent rustic, ornamental and modern designs which makes it ideal for anyone with any taste.

Easy Maintenance of Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone fireplaces are easy to maintain and if you do it properly your limestone fireplace can last for years in perfect appearance. Note that you can clean your limestone fireplace with a mild cleaning agent along with a little warm water. Just note that the acidic products will do damages to your limestone fireplace, so when you want to buy a cleaning detergent remember to check its acid-free.

Fire-resistant of Limestone Fireplace slab and tiles

The key feature and quality of the best fireplace material should be its fire-resistance in case if any stray sparks fly on to the hearth. Limestone is known to be a fire-resistant material which another reason for its popularity which also makes it a wise choice to have a limestone fireplace.

Eco-friendly Materials

In today's world that each of us should try our best to save the planet. Choosing to use an eco-friendly material in our projects, can help us get closer to this purpose. If you decide on having a limestone fireplace, the waste of materials can be easily recycled. Also if in the future you decide to renovate your fireplace, you don’t need to worry about the leftover limestone tiles as they can be recycled without doing any harm to our environment.

Also for outdoorsy people who like the nature and want to have homes that embraces natural, earthy textures and designs, limestone fireplaces can be a suitable and perfect choice. As we mentioned before, limestone fireplaces have an effective way to brighten up a room and add softer, natural curves.

Weight, but not in a good way

Like all the materials that have some advantages and some disadvantages. for limestone, weight can be named as a disadvantage. like other natural stones, weight of the slab and tiles must be considered carefully, if not it can cause problems. For instance, limestone tiles help you design interesting fireplaces but if you want to use large slab and tiles you should know that the larger the tiles get, they are quite heavy and you need to account for that weight in your design. Also the heaviness of the slab and tiles can make the transportation process difficult and if they are not transferred delicately and carefully, they can easily be chip and cracked which makes installation hard and tricky or even in some cases impossible.

Hunters Pavers have been a paver, blocks and retaining wall supplier in Australia for a long time. Here we always try to provide the information and content that you need to know about various types of natural stones, as in this article we discussed "limestone fireplaces". If you have any more question regarding to our limestone products or how to decide on having a limestone fireplace or what is the best style that you should choose? contact us. Our professional experts can give you consultation and they will help you in any way they can.