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Sandstone tile

Sandstone tile

Sandstone has been used for domestic construction and housewares since prehistoric times, and continues to be used.

Sandstone was a popular building material from ancient times. It is relatively soft, making it easy to carve. It has been widely used around the world in constructing temples, homes, and other buildings. It has also been used for artistic purposes to create ornamental fountains and statues.

Some sandstones are resistant to weathering, yet are easy to work. This makes sandstone a common building and paving material including in asphalt concrete.

Types of sandstone

As a sedimentary rock, sandstone forms when grains of sand are compacted together for a long time by the cementing together of grains of sand. Sandstone is mostly made up of quartz and also contains other minerals and materials, and it is found in a variety of colors including red, yellow, gray, and brown.
 The character of the grains is the basic criterion for distinguishing between different kinds of sandstone.
The properties of the grains influence the color and hardness of the rock, and in most cases, are the best way to determine the attributes of individual grains, and these two characteristics are readily observable.
Based on the abovementioned criteria, four main types of sandstone are available including gray sandstone, crystallized sandstone, and hard sandstone and carbonate cemented sandstone.

Sandstone building

Sandstone has a long history of popular use and was used to construct basements and entire buildings. Sandstone is usually known for its outdoor purposes, such as paving a driveway or garden decoration material, and is probably Australia's favorite building stone.
This extremely stylish and durable stone can even be used as a building material in residential or commercial projects, and with the ultimate look that it offers, it will be worth it.
This durable stone is also naturally porous which means it is prone to erosion whenever it is subjected to water and wind, but whenever it is used ad maintained in a correct way, it will be a stable building material, and the historical buildings of the 19th century in Sydney are proof enough of its resilience.

 Sandstone uses

Sandstone has a tough built and has the quality to outlast most artificial materials including ceramic or porcelain, and this natural stone can withstand different kinds of weather conditions without having any noticeable effect, making it one of the most commonly used materials.
 Sandstone is full of character and can be used to create grind tones for sharpening blades, as well as in the construction of homes and as paving material, and this type of natural stone is also used for interior walls and facades, and garden benches, patios, and golf-course traps are just some of the places where sandstones are commonly used.

Sandstone importance

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock that has been around since prehistoric times as it was used in domestic construction and houseware. Sandstones are economically important inasmuch as they are a major reservoir for both petroleum and water, and also more importantly they are considerably taken into consideration as building and paving material, including in asphalt concrete.
Sandstones are relatively soft, making them easy to carve and these marvelous stones are commonly used to construct buildings, statues, and fountains, and based on the fact that they are highly resistant to weathering they are very popular in constructing buildings.

Sandstone characteristics

Sandstones are made of sand grains that have been cemented together and it is a sedimentary rock that consists of sheets of sand, mineral particles. This is Very porous and water will penetrate it easily whenever it gets exposed to it. As natural rocks sandstones are primarily composed of and-size grains which are commonly gray and white grains and mostly quartz, the grains are also found in black grains which are from the particles of impure coal and shale, and the presence of brown color means the rock was probably formed when feldspar grains in the sandstone were broken down by means of weathering.

Sandstone color

Sandstone may be found in any color due to impurities within the minerals, and different-sized sand grains sometimes show as different colors. Sandstone is mostly composed of quartz sand, but it can also contain significant amounts of feldspar, and sometimes silt and clay. Whenever it is mostly composed of light-colored minerals, sandstone color would be light, but it is usually in two colors, often black and white, or green and white, of black and tan or pink.
The green color is due to the presence of mixed chlorite, and in some instances, there is a purple hue caused by manganese.

Sandstone texture

Sandstones usually have a rough, granular texture, but it is not easy to identify them from their peers unless you look for individual sand grains.
 Sandstones are mostly composed of quartz and there are many of them which contain some grains of other minerals like calcite, clay, or mica which means they are considered hard materials.
 It forms from beds of sand laid in low-lying areas on the continents and is usually opaque with a dull luster even though some pieces may be translucent, and the grain diameters range from 0.06mm to 2 mm.

 Sandstone texture tiles

Sandstone tile offers lots of choices when it comes to colors and textures. Sandstone tile is a beautiful natural floor covering that is popular for its distinctive style. Sandstone is quarried from the cores of mountains, making them a hard, and durable material.
Despite the fact that sandstone tiles are not as durable as granites, but they are strong enough to last for decades if properly cared for, and they are highly popular among homeowners, especially in high-traffic areas in both indoor and outdoor areas.
 Based on the fact that it is formed from nature itself, the colors, patterns, and hues found in any individual piece are totally unique, and whenever they are installed to an area they give a warmth to the space.

 Cheap sandstone

The cost of a stone can vary depending on the grade and quality of the stone, among many natural stones including granite and marble sandstone is a cheap natural stone that is reasonably priced.
This affordable stone is one of the most popular materials which is used to turn every place like the backyard into a rustic oasis.
As a natural stone, it is irregularly shaped and each slab has its own unique look which means whenever damage happens to its surface there is no need to worry about finding a similar one to replace it.

 Sandstone paving slabs

Sandstone paving slab is one of the most versatile materials available in the market and its strength, durability, and range of finishes make it to be adapted to almost any style that you desire to have.
Sandstone makes a fantastic patio and garden path paving for any taste from traditional to contemporary ones.
Sandstone pavers are not necessarily supposed to be sealed and even if you seal a sandstone patio, algae and mildew will still form, as it will on any surface, just like glass.
Another thing that makes sandstone a popular choice among customers is that it's not slippery and even a sawn sandstone patio when wet has good slip resistance.

Sandstone slabs for sale

For anyone who is looking for a paving slab, sandstone is highly recommended as it can be laid randomly in a pattern to give any surface an interesting look.

They are also considered to be one of the most spectacular and cost-effective materials which are also easy to install, and based on their natural characteristics they are irregularly shaped.
 This medium-budget slab is surprisingly durable and it comes in different colors consisting of white and beige. One of the main reasons that it is considered so unique is the fact that by taking sandstone into consideration no two paved areas will look the same, but as it absorbs moisture it is not an ideal option for wet climates.

Sandstone flooring

Sandstones are excellent flooring materials as they will add extra beauty and durability to your place along with increased value to your home, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Taking the advantage of sandstone as a flooring material will enhance the flooring appearance of the desired areas consisting of flooring, cladding ad paving, and as in comparison with many other natural stones their water absorption property is more desirable, they are commonly used for bathroom flooring.

They also show good slip resistance which makes them a commonly used item for landscaping, and even though they can’t compete with many natural stones like granite, they are strong enough to be usable for decades.

Sandstone tiles

Sandstone tiles are eye-catching natural options that are popular because of their distinctive look and can add warmth to every area that is installed. Sandstone tiles are fairly flexible ones that can be installed in versatile places. They are also very durable and are often on the lower end of that price range when compared with other natural stones like travertine and granite, but they are a little more in comparison with synthetic products.

The spectacular look that comes from their nature could also bring a sense of luxury to wherever they are used, and they are great wall tile choices for any room in your home.

Sandstone tiles outdoor

As Sandstones have hard and durable properties they are excellent choices for outdoor applications consisting of garden stepping stone the landscape design, and they are dominantly taken into consideration for different places like backyards, and patios exactly like outdoor limestone. The reason behind their versatility is that they are very economical and can go for many years in a row without needing replacement, and also they can withstand almost all kinds of weather conditions without undergoing any noticeable effect.

 It is also worth mentioning that, their installation procedure is easy and they require very little maintenance without costing a huge amount of money to the house owners.

Sandstone tiles indoor

Whenever sandstones are not exposed to extreme conditions they will outlast most other home materials and with the right finish, it can be a wonderful choice for indoor applications.

Sandstone will enhance the flooring appearance of spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, and as they differ in their composition and density, they are more suitable than others for such places.

Sandstone tiles are also eco-friendly items for house applications as unlike synthetic products, they do not require the use of chemicals in their production, meanwhile, by taking the advantage of them in other areas like dining rooms, one can ensure an excellent look as well as adding lasting style which is neither boring nor trendy.

Sandstone tiles texture

Sandstones are not smooth enough to touch and they contain tactile qualities which add a sense of uniqueness to homes, and whenever they are installed on the walls they will ensure a sense of movement to it.

Sandstone tiles have a uniform texture regardless they are polished and matte and have small pits and abnormalities that synthetic products do not offer.

They are also anti-slip and salt-tolerant, two qualities that make them so popular to be used around swimming pools, and as they look like sand, they give an infinite sense of elegance when are taken into consideration.

Sandstone tiles for walls

Like other natural products, sandstones offer natural beauty, making them so popular to be used as wall tiles. In different parts of the world consisting Australia, sandstones are the most common choice for stone wall cladding, and they are even used to give a sophisticated look.

As it comes in a range of colors and sizes, these natural stones like natural limestone paving come in a range of colors and sizes, including smaller slabs or rounded stones for a more rustic look for the exterior walls.

But as they are porous enough to absorb water, whenever sandstones are installed on the wall of bathrooms a rapid-set adhesive should be used to minimize the risk of moisture uptake.

Sandstone tiles for bathrooms

Like other natural stones, sandstone is a smart choice to be noticed when planning a bathroom remodel, and with their natural look, they are one of the best tiles to be installed in bathrooms, and because they offer a range of colors and patterns they are completely unique and can give different unique design because it is formed from nature. Their maintenance process will not cost a fortune and by the use of dish soap, if plain water doesn't clean the surface enough, one will ensure have a spotlessly clean surface, while the use of plain water, in most cases, works pretty well.

Sandstone tiles kitchen

Sandstones are commonly considered by designers and used by homeowners because of the distinctive beach and desert sand look that they offer. It covers a cast of stretches of shades and it ranges in color, the quality which can add the perfect decorative touch to an area like the kitchen.

 Sandstone is often used in kitchens and as sandstones differ in their composition and density with the right choice, they can definitely turn any plain look into a more sophisticated one.

 And like synthetic tiles, they can bring elegance and also durability to high-traffic areas like kitchens, and they will enhance the flooring appearance of such places.

Sandstone prices

Sandstone is a natural stone that needs to be quarried, meanwhile, because of its uneven surface, the pre-sealing process should be done before its installation, and such conditions make sandstones a little more expensive in comparison with materials like concrete and also ceramic tiles, but it is worth to mention that sandstones in most of the time are less expensive than most natural stones, and other options like granite and travertine cost a fortune in comparison with sandstone.
 Overall, sandstone is a low-budget item that can also give the desired look to the space which makes them a costly product that is available in the market.

Sandstone tiles sizes

Sandstone tiles enjoy the reputation of gorgeous natural material and are available in different sizes according to the need of customers. The tiles are available in different sizes, for example, 225x225 mm and 600x600 mm, and based on the design of the project they are taken into consideration for different places. In comparison with pavers, they are never thicker than 30mm, the quality that makes sandstone tiles better for indoor applications.
 Sandstones are reliable and long-lasting options and are available in varied color shades. Sandstone tiles based on their size and texture can lend your space an organic and old-world charm which is hard to find nowadays.

Sandstone tiles for sale in Sydney

Sandstone tiles are quite varied in color from tile to tile exhibiting distinct beige, grey, and olive are considerably well-suited to older properties like country cottages, making them the ideal exterior or interior stone for any situation.
Because of that sandstone tiles have long been popular choices among people in Australia. In Sydney as an example, there are numerous stores that offer natural tiles.
 Some stores offer you to go directly to the quarries and choose your desired stone, but you can also order your product online by noticing the items available on the website, and also you can go and take a look at the spectacular choices in person.

Sandstone Honed Paver

By removing a fine layer of surface stone with the use of small beads of steel at high velocity, the honed paver is being created. Sandstone honed pavers are perfectly flat, and even though there are some tractions, they will become slippery especially in areas where water may be present.
The final surface is more uniform in comparison with the old one and is also lighter.
 As a beautiful and colorful stone, a honed finish will provide a smooth and flat surface creating a contemporary look and suitable to any surroundings, and it should also be mentioned that the final product is smooth with very few imperfections.

 Sandstone suppliers

Suppliers of Authentic sandstones produce over a million square feet of beautiful stone tiles and square feet of slabs in distinct finishes annually. Some have wholly-owned quarries and state-of-the-art factories and others just take their customer’s needs from different quarries of the world.
 As a pioneer sandstone producer and a leader in the stone industry, our mission is to provide the finest quality in dimensional stone and customer service to ensure the satisfaction and convenience of our clients. 

Sandstone suppliers Australia

Because of sandstone’s load-bearing ability and its slip-resistant characteristics, they are popular choices among designers, and also homeowners enjoy having it as a part of their area.
In Australia like any other part of the world, there are plenty of sandstone supplies that provide both Australian and imported sandstones in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses that are versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applications.
 Distributors of a variety of products including sandstone are easily found across Australia, but it is worth noticing the reputation of a company before ordering your product, to ensure an exceptional customer service, and on time deliveries.

Sandstone in South AustraliaIn

Sothern parts of Australia because of the availability of sandstone suppliers, it is likely you are getting your needs from right on your doorstep.
Among vast areas of southern Australia consisting Adelaide and Barossa and other parts of there, different companies supply any size and shape of sandstones, which are available in different colors and textures from different quarries with a coarser or softer type.
In South Australia suppliers proudly attempt to satisfy all customers’ requirements with natural South Australian sandstones.

Sandstone in north Australia

Because of their popular characteristics, sandstones are commonly chosen in northern parts of Australia.
Sandstone producers send Sandstone to every part of the region and can arrange construction of the area too.
 Sandstones have a much lower embodied energy in comparison to many products. According to the years of its usage in the projects by reputable companies, they are highly skilled to deliver a quality cut product for any job, and thorough insight into the quality and finish required for the precision of the work.
Taking the advantage of locally produced sandstone in these areas can also minimize the carbon miles reducing the carbon footprint of your project.

Sandstone blocks

Sandstone blocks are solid and dependable options, they are commonly used as retaining walls or making a nice feature in a garden or yard.
 Sandstones are commonly found underneath the sand and they are more dominant in deserts and beaches. They are then cut into smaller pieces and are available in Australia mostly in 500x500x1000 mm or 500x500x2000 mm pieces, but you can ask your supplier to cut them as you wish for your job.
They are reasonably priced and are cost-effective choices to transform a backyard into a rustic oasis.
The other popular characteristic about them is their irregularity which gives a natural identity to your area. 

 Sandstone blocks for sale Sydney

Sandstones are formed from the sand of older, fragmented rocks. Meanwhile, sandstone blocks are used commonly to produce stone slabs and tiles, moreover, they are mostly used for retaining walls to hold the soil behind them and landscaping, seats, and statues for their beauties.
Sandstones are also resistant to weathering, and they are easy to work with. Intriguingly, blocks of sandstone are also being used commonly by individuals because of their versatility in different parts of the world consisting Sydney, and because of their characteristics, designers tend to choose from a variety of sizes and textures which are available in the market.

Sandstone blocks price list

Sandstones are found easily in different parts of the world as they are very common minerals.
That is why they are reasonably priced, and buyers can create durable and visually appealing projects by the use of them.
Sandstone blocks are perfect choices for people from all walks of life, and customers can take the advantage of them for different purposes even after checking out prices from suppliers, and then can meet their construction needs and unique project requirements as they will ensure that they are not spending way beyond their budget.

Large sandstone blocks for sale

Large blocks of sandstone, which are extracted from stone quarries, usually have a volume of almost 8-20 cubic feet. After they are quarried, they are molded and carved to build retaining walls, driveway entrances, Seawall buildings, abutments, surrounding sidewalks, which also are being used to produce stone slabs and tiles which are incomparable in their beauty and finishing.
Fortunately, these stunning stones are available in the stores for anyone who reclaim these durable construction materials, and here in Australia, one can find the large stone blocks for sale for numerous purposes in the blink of an eye. 

 Sandstone blocks near me

These days sandstone blocks are so trendy as they create an elegance that is bold, strong, own natural beauty, and also give the accent of nature.
 Inevitably, there is a growing concern to buy the products among people. Such a trend means they could be found easily in every natural stone store which is dominant through the cities.
The suggested Sandstone blocks are also considered as a solution for Retaining Walls, which stems from the fact that they are quicker, easier, and more economical than traditionally used construction materials for different purposes in the projects.

Sandstone block Western Australia

Different suppliers have been producing high-quality sandstone blocks for commercial, government, and domestic projects in Western Australia for many years. Sandstone blocks in Western Australia come in a multitude of sizes and grades, and are used or Retaining Walls available at very affordable prices.
It doesn’t matter whether you are landscaping a garden, paving a swimming pool area, there would be plenty of options available for you in Western Australia. As long as you choose the right store to get what you want you will ensure to have high-quality Sandstone that provides elegance and unforgettable impact in any landscaping project which is reasonably priced.

Types of sandstone blocks

The grains that make sandstone blocks are the fundamental criterion for distinguishing different types of sandstones, and their properties result in the final color and hardness of the rock. Gray sandstone, crystallized sandstone, hard sandstone, and carbonate cemented sandstone are some types of sandstone blocks that are different in their color and hardness.
Sandstone blocks are also found with multiple swan sides, and they are stunning and popular items as they allow property owners to create designs that are reminiscence of ancient architecture, like the ones that were dominant in Rome and Greece.  

Sandstone rocks for landscaping

Sandstones are among the best candidates for garden, backyard, and patio makeovers, and they are excellent stepping stone material. They are hard, durable, and water-resistant, the qualities which make them spectacular choices for landscape designs.
Sandstone rocks are adorned with natural beauty and a wide range of color hues, and veins and grains are available in different densities for different purposes, it all makes them a good choice to match or contrast the area from its surrounding.
They were so dominant in the past and they are still dominant in contemporary styles which stems from their retained popularity, and the fact that one can achieve glossy to semi-glossy surface experienced by them.

Sandstone boulders Sydney

Sandstones’ surfaces are uneven and porous with a unique texture, and boulders with their size and beauty provide a focal point that is so beautiful and hard to achieve artificially.
As sandstone boulders are large enough, they can make a strong statement in your garden, and also they are small enough, so it is easy to lift them by hand. Homeowners in most cases take the advantage of them to achieve a welcoming atmosphere and the wonderful scattered look in flowerbeds, paths, or different parts of gardens.
 The other important factor that makes them commonly used in Sydney is their affordable price which mostly depends on the type of rock, its size, and the place where it was quarried.

Buy sandstone in Australia

As one of the most dominantly used materials in Australia, there are different specialists in sandstone supplies. Sandstone suppliers offer sandstone products from sandstone tiles to pavers and blocks to create an elegance that is bold and filled with beauty through different ways consisting of online markets which are made for the convenience of customers.

Australia owns one of the largest ranges of Sandstone products available in the market at very affordable prices in different sizes and grades in different parts of it. 

Buy bulk sandstone Australia

Sandstone is one of the most generally desired building materials in Australia, as it has an aesthetic appeal and will remain intact for a long time. As one of the pioneers in this industry, we offer sandstones in bulk too.
 The products are ideal for landscaping or for interior design and even in the case you are looking for the material for a retaining wall, and you can conveniently ask them from us to get them next to no time.
The sandstones will give a quality that is incomparable to other materials and they will instantly add value to your property along with a desirable finish.

Cheap Sandstone Pavers Are Often the Preferred Choice in Finishes

Cheap sandstone pavers are a popular option in our wide range of paving and tile solutions which we offer you at Hunter Pavers. In ages gone by a multitude of builders and planners relied on the numerous beneficial features of sandstone. Sandstone is relatively versatile and easy to work with, no wonder that since historical times it still plays such a crucial role in the construction industry.

What Sets Hunter Pavers Apart Regarding Sandstone Pavers in Sydney

Just over two years ago, we decided to invest our interest in the building and construction industry. We did it through the production and supply of excellent construction material at affordable prices to the local building market. Our crew built on the knowledge we had of the industry and our desire always to improve. In addition to this, we have the privilege of working with the beautiful features of so many different kinds of raw material. Today we are proud to bring the local industry quality sandstone tiles, pavers, and so much more at very affordable prices.

  • We take the entire process from production to delivery at your premises very serious. We import only raw materials of the highest standard in our production process. In the relatively short period in which we‚Äôve been operating, we quickly became one of the largest importers of natural stone in Australia. Our team of professional craftsmen prepare the stone to deliver premium quality construction materials for the local market. Our entire facility is thus also a significant role player in creating jobs for our local people.

  • Whenever you buy sandstone pavers from us, you will notice the surprising factor always remains the absolute affordability we offer. We manage to achieve and maintain excellent pricing on all our sandstone pavers in Canberra and more. We can do it because we buy directly from suppliers of raw material across the globe. Since we cut out the middleman, it enables us to deliver on better pricing and thus to deliver cheap sandstone tiles to you.

  • Our team of professionals is very versatile. We work closely with our global suppliers of raw material and manage to achieve excellent pricing during clever negotiations. In addition to this, we are very involved with the teams in our production facilities, continually improving the process to increasingly better prices and quality. It is the same group you can rely on when you visit our store or make contact in any other means to find guidance, advice, and the best tips regarding our range. Whether you are looking for sandstone pavers in Newcastle or sandstone tiles in Sydney, speak to us for trusted advice and guaranteed quality and pricing.

We believe our impressive growth over such a short period is due to our commitment to deliver nothing but the best to the local building industry.

Related Services We Provide to Cheap Sandstone Pavers in Sydney

We understand why you might consider us the preferred destination when you want to buy sandstone pavers, but our range is much more diversified.

  • The history of granite in the building industry stretches as far back as the times of the Roman empire. Today the sturdy and luxurious stone still features as a trusted and elegant finish of kitchen tops and in flooring solutions. We offer a wide range of granite options for you. Our pavers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor elegance.

  • The longevity and resistance to exposure to the natural elements are why limestone is so widely used in architecture which is one of the differences between limestone and sandstone. Many of the glorious cathedrals in Europe reflects the age-old magnificence of limestone. Our limestone tiles and blocks are of the same exquisite quality used in these ancient buildings. The range we have on offer has a suitable solution for all your needs.

  • Basalt is the term widely used to describe the rock formations of the world-renowned Stonehenge. Yet, it is much more complex than merely one kind of simplistic rock formation. Our basalt pavers bring a bit of the ancient charm into your building site‚Äďproven to stand the test of time.

About Hunter Pavers

At Hunter Pavers, our commitment to you is to deliver only the most exquisite quality products to the industry. Choosing only the best raw material from across the globe is the core of our business. We then produce premium quality products through exceptional workmanship to deliver excellence to your site. Our approach to the business allows us not only to deliver products of premium standard but at amazing prices too.

You can visit our factory outlet and decide on the perfect pavers for your property. Discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team of professionals, and together we can work out a suitable solution for you, delivering absolute value for your money.

Yellow Limestone Natural Split Paver 400x400x20mm
$ 10.40 10.4 /pc /m2 $ 65.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Paver 200x400x30mm
$ 5.52 5.52 /pc /m2 $ 69.00 AUD
White Himalayan Sandstone Honed Paver 400x400x25mm
$ 15.68 15.68 /pc /m2 $ 98.00 AUD
Rainbow Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 800x400x30mm
$ 40.00 40.0 /pc /m2 $ 125.00 AUD
Rainbow Sandstone Honed Paver 800x400x30mm
$ 30.08 30.08 /pc /m2 $ 94.00 AUD
Rainbow Sandstone Honed Paver 600x300x30mm
$ 16.92 16.92 /pc /m2 $ 94.00 AUD
Rainbow Sandstone Honed Paver 600x400x30mm
$ 22.56 22.56 /pc /m2 $ 94.00 AUD
Rainbow Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 600x400x30mm
$ 36.00 36.0 /pc /m2 $ 150.00 AUD
Rainbow Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 400x400x30mm
$ 25.00 25.0 /pc /m2 $ 156.25 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Paver 800x400x30mm
$ 35.20 35.2 /pc /m2 $ 110.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Paver 600x400x30mm
$ 26.40 26.4 /pc /m2 $ 110.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Paver 600x300x30mm
$ 19.80 19.8 /pc /m2 $ 110.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Paver 400x400x30mm
$ 17.60 17.6 /pc /m2 $ 110.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 800x400x30mm
$ 40.00 40.0 /pc /m2 $ 125.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 600x400x30mm
$ 36.00 36.0 /pc /m2 $ 150.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 600x300x30mm
$ 36.00 36.0 /pc /m2 $ 200.00 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 400x400x30mm
$ 25.00 25.0 /pc /m2 $ 156.25 AUD
Teakwood Sandstone Honed Bullnose Long Edge Paver 1200x400x30mm
$ 105.00 105.0 /pc /m2 $ 218.75 AUD
Yellow Himalayan Sandstone Honed Paver 800x400x30mm
$ 31.36 31.36 /pc /m2 $ 98.00 AUD
Yellow Himalayan Sandstone Honed Paver 600x600x30mm
$ 39.60 39.6 /pc /m2 $ 110.00 AUD

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