Travertine, a good choice for kitchen floor


Travertine counterparts are flashy items in kitchens, and they are also dominantly used as backsplashes. Its installation is quite easy, and by just naturally cleaners, the final surface would be gorgeous.



Travertine in interior design

Travertine counterparts are flashy items in kitchens, and they are also dominantly used as backsplashes. Its installation is quite easy, and by just naturally cleaners, the final surface would be gorgeous. Another reason why travertine is highly popular in kitchens is the fact that kitchens are prone to messes, and it is much easier to clean natural stone like travertine than any other sort of thing. Travertine kitchen floors have long been regarded as the symbol of uniqueness. Interestingly in comparison with the belief that they are outmoded, because of their proven durability, and long-lasting beauty, travertine tiles are still used in modern projects. Travertine is mostly used in tile forms, and its pretty color tones from neutral to strong colors make it a very smart choice as kitchen flooring. Recently, textured tiles are considered a viable alternative to traditional material.

Why go for travertine

No matter where you live, and what sort of architecture you have used for your homes, kitchens are always a vital part of your area. Among all the items that are available in the market people mostly go for items that are both convenient and classy. Individuals can go for a style that is similar to the rest of the house design or can look for a new look in their kitchens. Overall, the materials, their color, and texture play a key role in order to make a final decision regarding kitchen floor tiles. These factors are very important because the practicality and also appearance of kitchen floor tiles are of great importance. The tiles should be installed well, and also they must be non-slippery, and everything should be worked properly in order to make a package which gravitates anyone towards them. During the last few years, synthetic materials like porcelain tiles as well as natural stones including, marble, granite, or travertine are common options being used by people. Different factors consisting of cost, beauty, and durability may have profound effects on people when they are going to change the style of their kitchens. Among all the above-mentioned items travertine kitchen floor is of great popularity. These sedimentary items are developed over time, and therefore they give off an antique and rustic look with their spectacular finishes. In comparison with wooden or porcelain flooring materials they offer more durable surfaces, and in comparison with granite or marble flooring, they are more affordable.

Considerations regarding the use of travertine

Taking the advantage of travertine kitchen floors can be tricky, as there are a plethora of things you should worry about including the style of your kitchen, your budget, the desired color scheme, and time period. Actually, your travertine kitchen floor can trigger your look or simply break it. So you must make a wise choice among hundreds of choices available in the market. It is true that travertine kitchen floors are the warmest materials available in the market, but they can offer damage-resistance quality and coziness, which means they will add to the value of your property and elevate its beauty. There are a few notes which should be noticed regarding maintaining travertine kitchen floors as they contain tiny, porous openings. Despite the fact that the holes are not visible to the naked eye, they can absorb moisture, and harmful particles of debris can penetrate them. Premature discoloration, chipping or any sort of damages would happen then. However, by simply sealing the surface of travertine on a regular basis the risk of the abovementioned damages could be minimized. Afterward, cleaning and maintaining travertine floors become fairly straightforward. Simply wiping or mopping travertine floors with non-acidic, and non-staining solutions is highly recommended by our experts at in order to clean your travertine flooring.

Travertine stone is a fabulous construction material

As a sedimentary rock, travertine is classified as limestone. It looks like marble and tempting earth-tone colors, it is among the most popular construction options, and when it comes to building, developers, designers, and property owners go for it without a shadow of a doubt. Travertine kitchen floors can stand up to a lot of abuse, and in comparison with even natural stones is very hard. And that is why travertine is mostly used as driveways, decks, and floorings. Travertine kitchen floors are very advantageous as they rarely deny the lavish, and they offer a classical look. Moreover, with proper care, these fabulous materials can hold up against scratching and cracking and are best for high-load areas. Moreover, travertine offers a wide range of textural styles, and the warmth and beauty which is achieved able by implementing them in apartments along with the buttery color palette from rust to beige, and durability that can withstand wear and tear, it would give a unique and practical look to your area. It is believed that travertine is one of the oldest materials that has been implemented by humankind because of its beauty and durability. When it is used as outdoor property it would stay intact for a long period of time, and when it is used in interior design like kitchen flooring it gives a sense of prestige to the area. Its spectacular texture with moderate tones swirling in its hazy surface gravitates anyone towards it, and it is worth mentioning that, every area that take the advantage of them actually is exposing a work of earth that is created by nature. These items can provide towering grandeur of earth without overpowering of the kitchen.

The advantages of travertine kitchen floors

Travertine kitchen floors are high-end natural stones that are ideal for those who are looking for antique beauty. This precious stone is highly durable, and its iconic color palette makes it a long-term investment. As a high-traffic flooring material, and as it does not deteriorate by temperature fluctuations, people can take the advantage of them for both interior and exterior design. Travertine is considered one of the most widely utilized stones in modern architecture, and all these reasons make them a common choice of customers. When it comes to travertine kitchen floors, individuals can take the advantage of different sizes and versatile patterns, and their reasonable price persuades people not to hesitate to go towards them. Another reason which makes them more tempting items for individuals is the fact that they do not require much care. And just by the use of penetrating sealer which is followed by a barrier surface sealer, travertine tiles would look sharp and intact for a long period of time.

The importance of kitchen design

Today people consider their kitchens as a focal point in their homes as they spend plenty of time there with their beloved ones, therefore, from all parts of houses kitchens are the places where people want to look classy and most often they tend to renovate and upgrade there with the latest designs. From many choices that are available in the market, travertine tiles are very popular as they lend a fabulous look to any design, and it is highly durable. Kitchens floors are places that are prone to be damaged and be torn as time passes, and the qualities that are offered by travertine homeowners may ensure a surface that is both practical and iconic. Travertine kitchen floor could be easily cleaned, and by regular sealing, the unwanted materials which are dominant in the kitchen areas will not penetrate its surfaces. This way, by regular cleaning the spills, travertine floors will always be sparkling.

Travertine kitchen floors

Kitchen travertine floors offer special characteristics. For example, they can bear varied temperatures, moreover, as they are non-flammable they provide safety, and also they are available in different finishes and exquisite designs. Such qualities are very important for kitchen areas, and in addition to floors, they are also used as kitchen walls. Travertine kitchen floors are also found in several colors such as beige, ivory, and light colors, and that is why they can give spacious look and are also available easily in case replacement is required. Intriguingly, travertine kitchen walls can match well with kitchen themes, from lighter colored to darker shades like reddish-brown travertine. Customers can have their appropriate style. It is also worth mentioning that travertine kitchen floors are environmentally friendly, and they do not require long factory procedures to get the final shape. On the other hand, synthetic products go through a long manufacturing process and that leads to fuel consumption and the production of waste. Because the fact travertine kitchen floors are versatile items, no matter what the taste of the customer is they can be set to expose different cultures and traditions. Moreover, travertine tiles are available in different sizes, and they can be custom designed in order to blend in the theme of the kitchen. Overall, there are different styles of travertine kitchen floors. For instance, French pattern travertine floor, or Spiral pattern travertine floor, and all these patterns are implemented for different purposes including giving a comfortable look to the area or giving a uniform design to the floors. Despite all the benefits that are given by travertine kitchen floors, in comparison with many items they are not costly choices while their look is not lesser than the expensive stones.

Different travertine finishes in the kitchen

The shiny refined polishes travertine is desirable as kitchens walls, floors, or counterparts and the shiny surface that it offers makes your kitchen look bigger. Honed travertine tiles are also used as kitchen flooring, and honed travertine kitchen floors are quite popular as the trend for matte finish has increased in modern construction. Tumbled travertine kitchen floors are also used to create a rustic kitchen style, and they are mostly used by those who are looking for traditional old styles. The brushed travertine tiles could also be installed in the kitchen for a classy design. Moreover, no matter what type of travertine is used, they are heavy items and thus the tiles need special care in handling and installation. However, they could be carried and installed by professionals easily, and cutting travertine tiles is not a hard task. Travertine kitchen floors could be treated in several ways, and in case people use polished finishes they can ensure a refreshing appearance that is also trendy and tasty. However, it is based on customers’ tastes and needs that determine what types of stones should be installed as kitchen flooring.