Calacatta Marble Honed Paver 300x150x30mm

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Technical Specification -
Finish: Honed.
Edge: Tumbled.
Family: Marble.
Quality: Excellent slip-resistance even when wet.Grad 1
Colour: White.
Country of Origin: Iran.
Tolerance (mm): +/- 2.
Pattern: Cross Cut.
Sizes: 300x150x30mm.

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Calacatta Marble Honed Paver

As one of the most elegant and highest-quality material, Calacatta Marble Honed Paver is one of the most dominantly used item in the market which has become so popular through the years. This stems from the fact that it provides a more natural look to outdoor spaces, with a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Calacatta marble is a type of white marble that has gained massive popularity throughout the natural stone industry, which is believed to be because of its bold, distinctive veiny patterns and polished exterior. 

Based on its name calacatta marble offers luxury, elegance, and drama. These durable and fabulous marble options provide a gorgeous, high-end finish which is desirable for its distinctive look and also precious rarity. Marble stone is exceptional in appearance and is only available from one quarry in the world, located in Carrara, Italy. Meanwhile, seasonal factors also make it a very challenging process to quarry the stone and carry it to the factories, and that is why it is so rare in the market and why calcatta marble is known for being the most expensive variety of marble stone among all others.

Calacatta marble hone pavers also have a global appeal with designers and architects due to their spectacular white background, veining, and color tone. Calacatta marble-honed pavers are a luxury product. The contrast between a white base and dark grey veins also turns it into an elegant item.
The veins are appeared thick and they are available in versatile patterns. Calacatta marble is most notably used in very visible areas, and they are spectacular options for entryways in corporations and wherever elegance is desired. After the stone is quarried and then cut into desired materials, based on their usage, they need to be honed and it means that by using the process that involves sanding the stone becomes smoother and could give a more contemporary design. A honed calacatta marble has a smooth texture and finish that is achieved by grinding one side of the unfinished stone, and it ranges from a dull matte to a satin sheen.

 As calacatta marble comes in the whiter background, they become more desirable in the market and as limited availability and high demand often translate to a greater expense, only those who are looking for a sense of uniqueness and elegance would go for them. Homeowners should also care about the maintenance of Calacatta marble. Although it typically holds up well against cold temperatures, on the other hand, the moisture that would come from rain or snow is an important issue for this porous stone, and as they may eventually make their way into the stone, they can result in cracks. Calacatta marble provides a more natural look, unique patterns, and rich colors that will enhance the look of any area in your property, and as a natural stone, it will also bring a touch of luxury and sophistication there. This way one could also be assured that their usage will add significant value to his home.