Bluestone Marble Honed Paver 300x300x30mm

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Technical Specification -
Finish: Honed. Edge: Straight Cut.
Family: Marble.
Quality: Excellent slip-resistance even when wet.
Colour: Blue.
Country of Origin: Turkey.
Tolerance (mm): +/- 2.
Pattern: Cross Cut.

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Bluestone Marble Honed Paver

Marble stone is among the most durable and highest-quality materials, and as a hard crystalline metamorphic rock whose luxurious aesthetic and uniqueness grab the attention of almost all customers, it is considered as a perfect solution for outdoor applications like driveways, patios, walkways. Marble pavers could also portray the beauty that was attained from the pressure that formed this marvelous stone.

 Bluestone Marble is a kind of bluish dark grey marble quarried from some parts of the world, like Italy. Taking the advantage of blue stone marble pavers will be a little addiction to your home, as it is one of the most charming choices for decoration. Based on their versatile textures they are dominantly used in both indoor and outdoor floors.
Honed bluestone marble is a natural stone that is honed then buffed to make a smooth non-porous surface.

 Such a process provide us with a traditional blue color. During this process, the stone is lightly honed to just remove any noticeable saw marks which creates a smoother finish. Bluestone marble honed pavers offers an extremely dense and robust image of blue color and white highlight among them.

Taking the benefit of blue stone marble as paver ultimately forms a design that is capable of visually connecting us with the sky and the sea at the same time. Honing is a process that eliminates the imperfections on the surface of the stone and also improve its appearance and can reverse the possible damages on the surface of stone and create a natural and slip resistance stone. 

 This marble paver is non-slip and can withstand high temperature, moreover, blue stone marble pavers which are honed can provide a very smooth, non-porous finish, meanwhile whenever they are used in areas that that are prone to get moisture, they will ensure a surface which is non-slippery, and also the combination of tones coupled with softly rounded edges allows it to work in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Marble was originally formed from marine organisms that left behind their calcite-rich shells when they died, the shells then turned into limestone after water bodies evaporated and when this limestone were exposed to the intense pressure and heat cause, they ultimately turned into marble stones.
That is why some types of blocks are scarce, and this make them as a very rare natural stone. A super-premium type which is characterized by and intense and uniform blue also shows rare veins. Because blue stone is highly desirable and only comes from a few regions and based on the cost of quarrying, blue stone pavers tends to cost more than other pavers and it is priced at a premium.  For homeowners also after cleaning, exterior marble pavers could be treated with a lime shelter-coat or and such a measure will protect the stone well from weathering and provide a degree of protection to discoloration, which turns it to a cheap marble paver as it last longer.