Ash Grey Limestone Natural Split Tumbled Paver 600x400x30mm

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Technical Specification -
Finish: Natural Split.
Edge: Tumbled.
Family: Limestone.
Quality: Excellent slip-resistance even when wet.
Colour: Ash Grey.
Country of Origin: Turkey.
Tolerance (mm): +/- 2.
Pattern: Cross Cut.
Sizes: 600x400x30mm.

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 Ash grey limestone natural split tumbled paver

Limestone is a popular building material that is commonly used in different countries around the world. This sedimentary natural stone has been formed by the accumulation of organic materials like shells, and algae, and by direct crystallization from water. Based on the amount, and type of different materials from which limestone has been formed, they are found in different colors. In comparison with other natural stones, limestone pavers offer softer color variations as well as less veining, and every single piece of limestone pavers has a story behind it, therefore each of them has a unique look.

Ash Grey limestone is considered to be a domestic choice, ash grey limestone offers a spectacular buff color, and slightly grey undertones are also found there. Grey limestone pavers are found dominantly in many areas like in Australia, and as a smooth and flat paving stone, they are ideal choices for driveways and patios. Another reason why grey limestone paver is specifically for outdoor areas is the fact that they absorb the minimum amount of water when it is pouring outside.

The sense of luxury and uniqueness is another vital criterion that people have when choosing their natural paving stone, and as ash grey limestone pavers offer a bold finish for an eye-catching design, they are used dominantly in interior design. Ash grey limestone pavers are less susceptible to fading, and until when only non-chemical cleaners like a bucket of warm water and a small amount of non-acidic soap are considered for the cleaning process, you can ensure to have your natural paving shiny for a larger period of time. Another reason for the popularity of limestone pavers is the fact that they are very cool underneath, and when tumbled limestone pavers are used a cooler, and at the same time, a softer finish would be achieved.

Tumbled limestone pavers offer a time-worn appearance, and our experts offer them more specifically for older properties. Tumbled limestone pavers feature a rounded edge, and soft face, and to have this iconic texture shine for a larger period of time, sealers should be considered. Even though grey limestone pavers do not absorb much moisture, taking the advantage of preventing sealers can prevent moisture problems that could be problematic. Overall, grey or ash grey limestone pavers are excellent choices to be considered because of their longevity and beauty, and when they are used in the tumbled finish they can improve your property’s value without breaking the bank as well as enhancing any landscape in your surroundings.