Sesame Grey Granite Flamed Paver 600x400x18mm

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Technical Specification -
Finish: Flamed.
Edge: Straight Cut.
Family: Granite.
Quality: Hard wearing, slip and salt resistance.
Colour: Consistent Grey Shade.
Country of Origin: China.
Tolerance (mm): +/- 2.
Pattern: Cross Cut.
Sizes: 600x400x20mm.

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Sesame Grey Granite Flamed Paver

Grey granites are an elegant option for all who are looking for a pleasing neutral color for areas like a vanity or even counterparts. In addition to the luxury look that grey granite offer, there are plenty of merits related to the usage of grey granites consisting its natural slip resistance which has made it an optional choice for swimming pools, its durability that makes it an ideal option for outdoor usage and also its low maintenance that has persuaded many homeowners to take the benefits of them.

Plus, grey Granite Pavers are made up of granite stones and they create a natural but strong paving that provides hard-wearing surface which has made them suitable for high traffic areas.

Also sesame grey granite pavers delivers an understated elegance and sophistication in both commercial buildings and homes. As long as you concern to have an impactful visual and a clear demarcation surface, flamed granite paving must be one of your options, because of the fact that it brings a natural feel to your home and that stems from the fact that no two natural stones are looking the same.

Flamed granite is formed under high temperature and this process has burst each individual grain and has changed their colors. Ultimately, this process forms a rougher texture in stone with muted colors and more faded appearance. Despite the sense of luxury that grey granite offers it is affordable for most homeowners and that is one of the most commonly used item on the market that is highly recommended by flamed granite suppliers all around the world.