Raven Black Granite Flamed Paver 600x600x30mm

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Technical Specification -
Finish: Flamed.
Edge: Straight Cut.
Family: Sandstone.
Quality: Hard wearing, slip and salt resistance.
Colour: Black.
Country of Origin: China.
Tolerance (mm): +/- 2.
Pattern: Cross Cut.
Sizes: 600x600x30mm.

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 Raven black flamed granite paver

There are many stone types that are used as pavers, but we believe nothing is finer than natural stones as they have been around for more than 1000 years in many great structures of the world. Natural stones are found in colors that have been produced on the earth, so they are incredibly difficult to be replicated by hand and eye. Among all natural stones, granite is one of the toughest ones that are highly popular as a paving material.

Raven black flamed granite pavers are one of the most popular items for driveways, and walkways because of their strength, and as their maintenance procedure does not require much time and energy, these black pavers are commonly used as walkways on patios or terraces in the home landscape. As a black paver, granite pavers are one of the safest paving materials around pool edge as they are water-resistant, and as long as they are unpolished they are also slip-resistant. By the way, granite pavers should be sealed properly in order to prevent liquid and oil debris, and also to inhibit catching stains that are found dominantly in driveways.

Moreover, raven black granite pavers tend to retain their shine and beauty if they are maintained and sealed properly. Raven Black Granite is a popular item that is also used as counterparts, fountains, and pool capping in both interior and exterior design, and India, and China are among the biggest granite suppliers around the world. Raven black granite can be processed into different finishes from polished to tumbled granite, and based on their final finish these marvelous items are used in different areas. Flamed granite is one popular choice for individuals in different parts of the world, and in order to get such a product, granite is heated to high temperatures up to the point the grains in the stone burst and their colors change. Flamed granite offers a more faded look, and they mostly include shades of tan with a rougher texture.

Therefore, in every corner of the houses that are prone to dampness, or in exterior areas that are prone to get, flamed granite would become a smart item. As well as being a luxury item, flamed granite offers long-lasting qualities in virtually any room in your home. The flaming process is done by wetting the surface of black granite, and the truth is black granite suppliers tend to flame the surface of granite to make a natural weathering look.

Raven Black Granite Flamed Paver

Black granite pavers are available in versatile and luxury styles, Raven Black Granite, is one of the darkest outdoor granite paver available in the market. Raven granite paver is a smart choice that offers elegant and stylish look simultaneously to every place that it has been used.

 Flamed granite pavers are also available on the market which are made of a solid hard-wearing granite. This product is a very dense product that is formed by the use of flame and torch which ultimately creates an exfoliated finish, and that is why it is known as flamed granite.

 As Flamed granite pavers offer a high grip surface, it is considered as one of the most popular choices for domestic and commercial job areas and working spaces.
Moreover, black granite tiles are often considered as a popular material of landscaping contractors because of all the properties that they provide us with. Meanwhile, Black granite tiles’ maintenance and permanence has made them a truly valuable choice for pathways, courtyards and entertainment areas as they remain intact for a lifetime, and as they are slip-resistant they are widely being used at pool surrounds.

  As a pioneer in flamed granite paver suppliers, we have a wide range of products on our marke that can give a luxury sense to your preferred area. As black granite is a preferable choice for many people, they are easier to find in the market and that is why black granite price and also flamed granite price are easier to find in the market and therefore more affordable for most customers.