Honey Jasper Granite Flamed Paver 400x400x30mm

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Technical Specification -
Finish: Flamed.
Edge: Straight Cut.
Family: Granite.
Quality: Excellent slip-resistance even when wet.
Colour: Array of Ivory, Beige and Silver Tones.
Country of Origin: China.
Tolerance (mm): +/- 2.
Pattern: Cross Cut.
Sizes: 400x400x30mm

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 Honey Jasper Granite Flamed Paver        

Jasper Granite is one of the most popular and frequent item that is being used by many people in different parts of the world which possesses veining and creamy color. Honey Granite is a kind of yellow granite which is also known as honey Newcastle granite. Honey jasper bush hammered Sydney granite is another option of this range which offers a rough touch and as it offers plenty of grips, it is a safe product to be used in pool surrounds or commercial buildings.

Honey Jasper granite is one of the most durable item on the market, and their easy maintenance and cleaning process has made them one of the most common pavers by homeowners. Granite jasper is available in any custom size, shape or thickness and an array of unique finishes are widely used by customers in internal and external areas.

Honey jasper also goes through the flamed process and in this cases the stone reacts and a red layer forms in the middle of the stone and finally flamed honey jasper forms, but flamed granite price is still affordable by many people and it has become a favorite item among customers through the years.

Patio pavers and walkways are two of the most commonly used places where granite pavers are being used the most. Newcastle honey is one of the oldest stones in the world which will remain intact over years to come. And as a natural stone all granite pavers are different with each other innately and they are a charming choice for paving. Plus, granite pavers can also be used for garages, pool areas and driveways.