Important tips about Travertine Fireplace


When the weather is getting cold and you want to choose a material for your fireplace either building one from scratch or just renovating what you have; there is no doubt that you will hear about many benefits of various natural stones.



 When the weather is getting cold and you want to choose a material for your fireplace either building one from scratch or just renovating what you have; there is no doubt that you will hear about many benefits of various natural stones.

In general, Natural stones fireplaces have interesting characteristics and can add warmth to the place where they are installed in. there are many different styles of natural stone fireplaces that you can choose to have them based on your taste, style and space. There are number of natural stones that are recommended to use for a building or decorating fireplaces; such as Granite, Limestone, Slate, Flag Stone, Marble and etc.

Among the names that we mentioned above, travertine wasn’t directly named, but travertine is a specific type of limestone so it is one of the recommended types of natural stones when it comes to fireplaces. So one of the most common applications of this natural stone is for travertine fireplaces. In below we will discuss more about it.

Why to use Travertine Fireplaces

A travertine fireplace can be a focal point of the room. There are various characteristics to this natural stone that has made it to be a perfect choice for travertine fireplaces. Here we will name and discus about reasons and benefits of having a travertine fireplace:

Durability of Travertine fireplaces

Travertine is one of those natural stones that can pass the test of time and keep its beauty which makes it hard to match for many other materials. If you look back in time, you can see many historic and monumental structures that have been built with travertine and have survived through difficulties. This feature can be one of the key factors that helps you make your mind about travertine fireplaces for either indoor or open areas of the outdoor. Fireplaces are frequently used during cold weathers, so you do not want to use a material that can easily get harmed.

Travertine fireplaces and heat retention

Most of the travertine slab and tiles can absorb, stores and radiates heat which means they are safe near fire; even some people say that the travertine slab and tiles are fire-resistance. This feature means that travertine fireplaces can improve the efficiency of the place when the warmth of a fire radiates throughout the room or the outdoor areas. In comparison, there are other natural stones like Marble and limestone that are also good at absorbing heat. Interesting fact can be that Granite wont absorb the heat, it will only conduct the heat. Aas for Basalt, it is only good at storing the heat and releasing it slowly over time. So among the natural stones, travertine is still the suitable choice for building a fireplace of just decorate its surroundings.

Maintenance of travertine fireplaces

In comparison to some natural stones such as marble which has a porous texture and need careful maintaining by sealing; travertine fireplaces are very easy to maintain. Every now and then, you just need to simply wipe the tiles with a cloth - not necessary but better be a soft cloth-; in this way your travertine fireplace will keep its perfect appearance. Having a travertine fireplace can mean that, you will need less time to maintain or care for it and just simply spend your time enjoying its companionship!

Longevity of travertine fireplaces

Like many other natural materials that are made through difficult situation to be made, they can last long under various environmental challenges; so travertine can also be an extraordinarily long-lasting natural stone. Some of the travertine types like travertine splitface slab and tiles can weather and get more beautiful over time which makes them a perfect option for outdoor travertine fireplaces.

Price of travertine fireplaces

Finding the best travertine fireplace tile that its budget friendly for you shouldn’t be that hard. Travertine has number of quarries all over the world which can mean that it has a flexible price due to its quality. Generally, the price of natural stones such as travertine is not cheap compare to other materials, but you should remember that at least you are paying for quality over time and your money is not wasted for nothing. Also sometimes the leftovers of travertine can be used to produce small size travertine tiles with a very low price.

Value of travertine fireplace

Just like any other natural stone by using travertine slab and tiles, they will instantly add value to the project. For example, having a travertine fireplace adds value as well as elegance and warmth to the property as its installed. The beauty of travertine fireplace, will make it the eye catching element in the room. In conclusion, travertine fireplaces can deliver both beauty and appeal to the eye and your wallet as well!

Appearance of travertine fireplace

Travertine is a natural stone which means that each slab and tile of it has its uniqueness and beauty. It is also available in various shades and color pallets, which can make it hard to choose from. The colors that travertine is available are beige, brown cream, tan, greenish, taupe and shiny silver grey.

  • Natural stone will create a focal point in your place so you should take a time to choose wisely. when it comes to travertine fireplaces, there are no limits to its design possibilities. In order to make the best decision and choose the suitable color for your travertine fireplace there are some notes you should know about:

  •  One of the best ways to choose your travertine fireplace color is to consider the color pallet of furniture, the sofa, the walls or other elements that shape the room. Then you can decide based on the important element to you, in your home decoration. 

  • Another way is by knowing the style that you want to use for your travertine fireplace. For instance, when you want to have a minimal fireplace, white is the first color that comes to mind. Or if you want to have a rustic fireplace, the suitable option can be brown and cream color tiles that have added finishes in their surface like brushed finished tiles – they can be perfect for rustic design styles-. 

If you are one of those people who can make bold decisions and like uniqueness, you can have more options for color of your travertine fireplace such as black, brown, golden, cream, green and etc.

For what is worth, the decision is yours and the travertine fireplace should be designed in your taste. Take your time and make up your mind and just when the travertine fireplace is done you will enjoy it.

To summarize what we discussed above, travertine fireplaces are made out of durable materials, so they can stand the test of time and even if they get worn out through time they will present an amazing aged appearance. Another key factor to have travertine fireplaces is that they have great heat resistance, the can handle wear and tear breaking; this means that when the fireplace is frequently used in winter there won't be any damages done to them.

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