What does Sandblasting Concrete Finished get used for?


At the early stages of sandblasting concrete finishes the color of cement will become dominant and during the final stages, the presence of coarse aggregates becomes dominant in the surface of sandblasted concrete.


Sandblasting concrete finishes involve the procedure in which sand is used to expose the aggregates within a hardened concrete by eroding a surface layer and therefore achieving a more charming and rustic look. Generally sandblasting is done in different degrees for different purposes and the procedure extends from resembling sandpaper to the degree in which large amounts of aggregate become dominant.

Why choose Sandblasting Concrete Finish?

At the early stages of sandblasting concrete finishes the color of cement will become dominant and during the final stages, the presence of coarse aggregates becomes dominant in the surface of sandblasted concrete. As the degree of sandblasting varies according to the ultimate demand, and as sandblasting might be done for different purposes like the removal of dirt or graffiti, one should be concerned to ask specialists for better results. According to the fact that as time passes, because of numerous factors including wear and tear the consistency ratio between the cement and aggregates changes, the aggregates are not exposed on the surface of the concrete anymore. It means the restoration of concrete to its original condition in different concrete sectors like concrete patio walls, driveways, and floors is highly dependent on sandblasting concrete finishes and the removal of cement in the built-up areas. So the sandblasting concrete finishes should result in the exposure of stones to achieve a rough-textured surface and more importantly an even ratio of cement and aggregates.

What is the best way for Sandblasting Concrete Finish?

Different factors affect the sandblasting concrete finishes, for instance, it depends on the current condition of the surface, and the procedure which is implemented, or the sandblasting equipment which is implemented for the procedure. In other words, sandblasting concrete finishes might be different based on the concrete surface condition, and even though some sections may require a light procedure, it might be a necessity to impose a deep-cutting procedure for the desired concrete finishes for your area.

Advantages of Sandblasting Concrete Finish

As sandblasting is an ideal solution to restore worn and torn concrete, delayering new concrete, removal of unwanted coating, and the exposure of aggregates sandblasting concrete finishes is believed to be one of the most popular ways to get the dreamed surface by people in different parts of the world. In comparison with traditionally used techniques, sandblasting concrete finishes ensures the formation of even surfaces that are consistent with the ingredients, more importantly, sandblasting concrete finishes is much more affordable than conventional methods, and interestingly the time spent on the procedure is considerably less.


Because of the fact that during such procedure by the use of compressed air, the unwanted layer of the concrete is removed, people are not supposed to spend more money and energy for ripping up the concrete, disposing the debris, and adding a new layer of it. So sandblasting concrete finishes is an economic and effective method to restore the concrete surface to its original format with minimal effort for its preparation.

The appearance of Sandblasting Concrete Finish

After the concrete is hardened the ultimate surface is smooth, and such finishes can be slippery and are prone to flake as time passes. Because of that, sandblasting concrete finishes can update and modify the conventional texture, and will offer a surface that will be both aesthetically appealing and highly desirable that individuals dream to have. Sandblasting concrete finishes are a premium choice for those who are looking for a decorative concrete design, and those who want to attain a rejuvenated texture over the conventional types. One can get a slightly etched finish with sandblasting concrete finishes and make a slip-resistant concrete surface. This way, people can ensure not to face the evidence of flaking concrete and find tractions on their concrete surfaces.

Things you should notice about

Sandblasting concrete finishes is also a very common procedure that is implemented to texture the surface of hardened concrete for a unique beauty and slip-resistant characteristic. The procedure continues until a three to fourth of inch depth of aggregates is exposed at the surface through light to deep cutting procedures. Despite the fact that the sandblasting procedure itself is not a complicated procedure, sandblasting concrete finishes should be done by noticing a couple of determinations. Firstly, based on the depth of the cut, different sandblasting equipment should be used, in case a deep cut is what you want taking the advantage of higher capacity equipment would become of great importance. Moreover, the optimum time to get the desired texture is within the first days after casting the concrete. It is also worth mentioning that the nozzle of blasting should be held perpendicularly toward the surface of concrete and the distance from which the surface is pressurized is highly dependent on the pressure of the air compressor.

How about Exposed Concrete Finish?

Another popular sandblasted concrete finish is the exposed concrete finish which is formed by washing the top layer of concrete away to make aggregates present over the surface of the concrete. This type of sandblasting concrete finish ensures an item that is appealing and also safe to use in the areas where the moisture would be dominant. It is also worth mentioning that this method is one of the most cost-effective ways to remedy the appearance of concrete. The dominant method of sandblasting concrete finishes is wet abrasive blasting. This method reduces dust up to 90 percent in comparison with the conventionally imposed methods and, therefore a secondary containment for sandblasting concrete finishes is not a requirement. Interestingly, through wet abrasive blasting, only small amounts of water are required and because of that one can enhance the level of surface and a smoother and consistent finish. All these qualities mean that sandblasting concrete finishes can be implemented with fewer amount of money and time.

It's not all about Sand!

Creating decorative concrete finishes, coatings, and the removal of unwanted layers, surface preparation are some popular applications of concrete sandblasting. In fact sandblasting concrete finishes are mainly implemented to achieve an architectural finish for driveways, sidewalks, pool areas, and floors in commercial and residential projects as they are both decorative and interestingly functional. Although it is called sandblasting concrete finishes according to the above-mentioned details it is commonly used by water and the process does not necessarily involve the usage of sands. Accordingly, sandblasting concrete finishes is an eco-friendly procedure and therefore you can choose them in all parts of the world even in Australia where the regulations regarding the usage of minerals are very tough. Taking the advantage of wet methods individuals should ensure to use a clean water sources in order not to damage the texture of the concrete over time.