Difference between marble and ceramic tile

Marble and Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are made when clay or silicates get exposed to fire at high temperatures. While Marble stone is naturally quarried from deposits that were formed from metamorphic crystallization of limestone

Ceramic tiles are made when clay or silicates get exposed to fire at high temperatures. While Marble stone is naturally quarried from deposits that were formed from metamorphic crystallization of limestone. Despite the fact that Ceramic tiles come in many forms, from quarry tiles to even glass, Marble stone is also available in an array of colors and shades which are available as a result of a geological process. Meanwhile, Ceramic tiles are available in both glazed and unglazed format, and by printing some patterns on them, they can mimic the look of natural stone to some extent, while marble typically comes in a polished, honed, or tumbled finish. During the manufacturing process, the color and appearance of ceramic tiles are carefully controlled by experts, which means they will provide a normal and less variable look. However, marble stone can be available in versatile texture which is an inevitable consequence of being a natural product.

Whats better ceramic or marble?

While one take the advantage of marble stone for his flooring, he would be sure that such a choice would result in an instant enhance of the appearance of every location. And based on the versatile patterns that are offered by marble tiles, they provide flexible choices for various decoration schemes, and also they are flexible enough to be cut into various shapes from rectangles to triangles. Glazed ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are highly water-resistant and they can protect and clean up stains, meanwhile, they are also available in numerous colors, shapes, and designs. The other spectacular flexibility is that they are environmentally- friendly options as they reduce heat loss during winter and also offer a cool surface during the summer. Furthermore, ceramic tiles are unable to take heavy loads which means an accidental crack on their surface will stretch on their surface that will result in a bad look, but marble is much more resistant to cracking and chipping and won't give in to impact.

Marble as a flooring material is available as blocks, slabs, or tiles. This distinctive natural material with a personality of its own is mined from quarries which means each tile is unique in appearance. And, this is essential to get all tiles for your project from the same cut of stone in order to get the best match. Marble tiles are commonly found in different shades of green, brown, white, and black. Some of them can look translucent, making them a very attractive floor covering. Polished finish marble is also commonly used to achieve glossy finishes, and sand or honed marble can be used for matte and rustic textures. Thanks to its smooth surface, marble is well known for its use in high-end buildings as it can give a sense of luxury. As man-made items, ceramic tiles are manufactured in a way that can offer a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. It is also possible to design tiles that stimulate natural materials like marble. As a result, based on their manufacturing process, they have the look of natural stone or even hardwood but at a much lower price, which is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Marble is considerably stronger than most other types of tiles, but as time passes it tends to develop a yellowish tinge. But this marvelous item can remain intact for more than 20 years with regular maintenance and adequate care. By considering proper cleaning, and regular sealing, marble tile will stand up to regular wear too. Whenever Highly-polished marble surfaces are installed in an area, it requires regular maintenance efforts like polishing, which is better to be done by a professional to ensure the least damage during the maintenance process. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are among the most durable, hard, and thick materials. Ceramic tiles are both resistant to discoloration and scratch and will remain intact if one takes care of them. And as they seldom absorb moisture, they are dominantly used for areas where may come in contact with water. They should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent staining to last the lifetime of your home.
However, ceramic tiles are prone to breakage if mishandled.
Marble tiles has long been the symbol of luxury and opulence, and it was the primary choice for palaces around the world, because of its unique look. Marble tiling is the best choice for indoor areas like halls, living rooms, and bedrooms. Polished marble flooring can tend to be slippery when it gets wet. As a natural stone product, marble tile is porous, which means it has tiny holes, and therefore it requires a surface sealant to prevent permanent stains.  But, by taking the advantage of them, one should ensure the periodic application of a sealant to protect it from moisture, and regular polishing can breathe new life into the marble flooring. After the initial installation and sealing, it’s highly recommended to reseal marble tile almost every year depending on how much foot traffic it gets.

Ceramic tile

However ceramic tiles are versatile eye-catching items that come in an array of colors and finishes. And that is because of their non-porous nature that these tiles absorb very little water and therefore are stain-resistant. Based on their characteristics, ceramic tiles can easily be cleaned and their maintenance is not sophisticated, and only by regular dusting and wiping, one can ensure to keep them gleaming.
 Ceramic tiles are readily available in standard sizes, one can replace broken tiles easily with identical alternatives, however, the overall look is not as authentic as natural stone, which stems from the fact that each piece of natural stone is unique in its own way and beautifully authentic, natural look adds to the aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, when one is going to choose between marble tiles and ceramic tiles, he should consider his budget, space, requirement, and utility according to his needs. And, despite the fact that Marble tile offers durability which would cost you more, it will ultimately offer a countless number of design options at lower prices.
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