Terrazzo Exposed Honed Concrete Paver - Creme - 400x400x30mm

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Buy Terrazzo Exposed Honed Concrete Paver - Creme - Online.
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Technical Specification -
Finish: honed & sandblast.
Edge: Square Edge.
Family: Concrete .
Quality: Excellent slip-resistance even when wet. Grad 1.
Colour: Creme & White.
Country of Origin: China.
Tolerance (mm): +/- 2.
Pattern: Cross Cut.
Sizes: 400x400x30mm.

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 Terrazzo pavers

Terrazzo pavers could be precast or poured in place, and they consist of chips of marble, quartz, or other suitable materials which are suitable for also outdoor applications. The word Terrazzo is often used to describe any similar patterns to terrazzo floors.in order to have smoother terrazzo outdoor pavers, they are set and then polished. Terrazzo pavers are very ideal for outdoor applications and wet areas as they are waterproof, and they are extremely long-lasting. Terrazzo pavers are originally made of natural materials, therefore they are environmentally friendly. In case property owners are looking for a green material for their pool surrounding, terrazzo pavers should be one of their options as they are anti-slip, and mold-free to ensure a safe area for your children. Terrazzo pavers are made from natural materials. It is composed of marble, cement, and pigment stones. This makes the paver safe for the environment. Terrazzo pavers can also be designed to use other green materials such as glass and stone scraps. The quality of not absorbing water results in outdoor pavers that do not need extremely harsh cleaning detergents to keep them clean at all times, and their maintenance process do not need much time and energy. Like in home surroundings, designers tend to take the advantage of terrazzo pavers in lanais or in outdoor park walkways and any other public areas like shopping centers. Terrazzo pavers are also found in state-of-the-art patterns, and they naturally do not permit microbial growth that can cause the spread of disease.

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are also considered to be one of the most popular building materials used to pave driveways, walkways, or patios, and in different parts of the world, people use honed concrete pavers and polished concrete pavers for their needs. Concrete pavers are manufactured to high standards, therefore they are ensuring a more durable and uniform product than many synthetic paving materials, and they can often carry a lifetime warranty for integrity. Honed concrete pavers offer levels of grinding that produces a smooth matte surface. Based on their characteristics, honed concrete pavers are ideal options for outdoor applications. On the other hand, polished concrete pavers are commonly used to portray uniqueness and leave a hard-wearing finish to your area. Unlike polished concrete pavers which are not the best choices for wet areas, honed concrete pavers make a stunning statement of style, and they are effective choices for outdoor entertainment areas or around pools. When it comes to their maintenance procedures, concrete pavers do not require much time and energy, and occasional sweeping will keep them clean enough. But in case any types of weeds find their way through their surface, they should be removed properly. This way both honed concrete pavers and polished concrete pavers are expected to last up to 50 years, but the smooth surface on the concrete pavers can degrade over time, especially if subjected to salt, so taking the advantage of sealers is also practical for a better experience regarding the use of concrete pavers.