EzyWall: Retaining Wall Block-Ebony

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Technical Specification -
Family: EzyWall.
Quality: Low maintenance and use water repelling technology to inhibit efflorescence, mould and mildew staining.
Colour: Ebony.
Country of Origin: Australia.
Pattern: EZYLOCK Connector.
Sizes: Dimensions: 390mm L x 245mm D x 162mm H.

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What is the purpose of retaining walls?

Retaining walls are structures that are subjected to hold soil behind them, and there are different types of them like concrete blocks, rocks, or treated timbers. Prior to building the proper type of retaining wall, there are a couple of questions that should be considered including the height of the wall, what is above the wall or whether the soil is soil or clay. These complex structures can be used for a variety of reasons and therefore they are of great popularity in different parts of the world. One of the most important implementations of retaining wall blocks is to make a slope become functional by preventing water and soil flow downward or providing pedestrian access to such areas. Moreover, ezywall retaining wall blocks can be used to direct the flow of water in certain areas, and in case your project is almost near water bodies such quality would become more practical. As it comes to their definition, ezywall retaining wall blocks are used primarily to hold back the soil. Therefore it inhibits soil from moving downward and control erosion in the area. More importantly, when retaining wall blocks are used to hold back water, they can also save shorelines from erosion. By the way, ezywall retaining wall block could also be used to offer the type of design that is in demand. Moreover, features could be added to them to turn them into even landscaping features in both residential and office surroundings.

Retaining wall blocks

Generally, there are four different types of retaining walls including wood, masonry, poured concrete, or interlocking concrete blocks. Wood or Timbers are affordable and practical for property owners they just need only a basic crushed stone footing and something to anchor them and they can survive up to 40 years. By the use of mason and other materials like stone, or brick strong and long-lasting retaining walls could also be created. However, the strongest and most durable choice is poured concrete retaining walls but in comparison with retaining wall blocks, they can be used for fewer areas. On the other hand, retaining wall blocks are considered lightweight, and their flat sides mean they can be installed at a higher pace. Meanwhile, for every renovation project, property owners should take the advantage of ezywall retaining wall blocks to achieve its spectacular beauty. One of the most important advantages of retaining wall blocks is their flexibility of design, and their natural strength means they are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions such as high heat, or strong winds. Interestingly, by the use of ezywall retaining wall blocks, you can add to the value of your property. For example, adding a garden retaining wall and customizing it to your own design can easily improve overall aesthetics and therefore the value of your property. Moreover, it can add versatility to your surroundings.