hunter pavers


Why Buy from Us?

There are several reasons why Hunter Paver is the best source for natural stone, building materials and installation supplies. We are currently one of Australia’s largest importers to supply premium natural stone around the world, we continually support local manufacturers and we aim to provide the highest standard of quality at the lowest possible price.

Why Are We Such Great Value? 

We are an import direct business, which means we resource the majority of our premium natural stone from Turkey and deliver straight to you. The fact that we are not a chain franchise means our profits are greater as we are eliminating intermediaries and passing our savings onto you. Our cost effective method of securing and supplying stone is our way of providing you with prices noticeably lower than our competitors for products of a higher quality.

Local Support! 

We support Australian manufacturers and boutiques no matter how small or large. The majority of our bricks, blocks, cladding and installation supplies are nationally sourced from Australian companies providing the highest quality of condition while reducing price and shipping time. By choosing Hunter Pavers, you are effectively sustaining the Australian workforce in trade and manufacture.

All Natural Products! 

All of our pavers and tiles are shipped from quarries across the world where stone is cut fresh out of the mountain or retrieved from the ocean floor. As a result, our pavers and tiles possess an “otherworld” authenticity and aesthetic beauty that matches the excellence of Australian-made stone.

Go To Location!

Hunter Pavers is a factory outlet based in Heatherbrae, NSW which means you can inspect our product and buy directly from us while saving on shipping fees.

Trustworthy Resources! 

All of our suppliers must meet a high standard of workmanship in order for us to maintain our reputation of providing unbeatable quality in each of our products.

Instant Connection! 

You can access Hunter Pavers either online, face-to-face or over the phone as we operate multiple mediums for your benefit. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, tradesman, home-renovator or DIY enthusiast, we make ourselves available to provide you with your idea of the perfect stone (in any amount) that combines practicality with decorative value.